It Came From YouTube: Sunny wants you to buy a book on bar fighting

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Yes, Tammy Sytch (AKA: Sunny) has been reduced to shilling for a book called “Bar-jutso: The American Art Of Bar Fighting” that’s supposed to teach you how to defend yourself should you ever get into a bar fight with some random guy in an attempt to pick up some chick.

Honestly; I think the only person who might find this book useful is Don…

Don Mason.

And even then only if Blade isn’t around to protect him from the wrath of the poor guy he accidentally urinates on after yet another long night of drunken shenanigans.

But if the book sounds like it could be useful to you, why not buy your copy of Bar-Jutso today for yourself or for someone else (it would make for a fine and suitable birthday gift for your alcoholic, short-tempered buddy!) and help support in the process?

It’s what Sunny would want you to do!

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11 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Sunny wants you to buy a book on bar fighting"
  1. Anonymous says:

    This might be the dumbest thing that I’ve ever seen someone from the wrestling business endorse.

    You might think that’s hyperbole, but look at it like this: How many other wrestling personality endorsed products can literally get you killed?

    • BaltoJim says:

      I could forget this dumb endorsement fairly easily. The photo from Hulk Hogan’s PASTAMANIA, on the other hand, remains forever etched in my mind…

  2. Andre R. says:

    Is this any worse than creepy weirdos paying her to spoon for a pic even though she’s nearly 20 years past her prime hotness? You be the judge…

  3. John says:

    A great companion piece to this could be, “Squeegee-fu: a guide to bar fighting with The Boys” by Sid Vicious. Or this gem, “Polishing the Glass Eye: Why it’s not wise to tick off Haku” by Jesse Barr.

  4. ScMcS says:

    Sunny’s dignity went down the toilet when she conned the IWC into believing a bullshit story of her being robbed, then had to put a disclaimer of not being a lying bitch for her next story about possibly having cancer… or was that AFTER the “pictures in a bed” crap?

  5. MisterSpiffy says:

    I’d be a lot more convinced to buy this if somehow some way they convinced the APA to shill for this book

  6. Porter "Budsgrand" Sultzbaugh says:

    I am a security supervisor for a small Las Vegas casino.
    Should I take an interest in the book ?

  7. Art0Donnell says:

    If only she had endorsed this book earlier. Like, say, October 1995. Then maybe Shawn could have read it before going to that Syracuse night club.

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