It Came From YouTube: Steve Blackman’s stand-up comedy career gets off to a rocky start

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Since (as a Crapper pointed out) I somehow forgot to mention the legendary tag-team Head Cheese with Al Snow and Steve Blackman in the “World Wide Cheesehead Championship Belt” SBT entry, I wanted to make it up to you Crappers with this!

Al Snow encourages Steve Blackman to develop a personality by practicing his stand-up comedy routine.

Via index cards.

In a nursing home.

And it only goes downhill from there.

“…So the prostitute says ‘Viagra? I hardly know you!'”


I’m sorry, I need to stop right here and hand this over to Johann and the other WrestleCrap Radio crickets as they’re the most qualified to handle Steve’s unique sense of humor.

Boys, take it away!

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9 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Steve Blackman’s stand-up comedy career gets off to a rocky start"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    I love Al’s (improvised?) line as he hears the police car with it’s sirens blaring that just happened to drive by while they were shooting. heh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Were these paid extras or did these people really not know what they were getting into?

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I’m sure they were told ahead of time what was going on. The WWE probably made a donation to the nursing home in exchange for being allowed to film there.

  3. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    Apparently this is Wrestlecrap’s Steve Blackman Week… and I for one could not be happier. Is there any way to make it official?

  4. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    Sorry for the late response, i was celebrating by handcuffing myself to a bunch of fat chicks! (Search Steve Blackman dislikes FAT girls)

    Paul, with this official declaration you have officially surpassed Sean Carless in my book!

  5. John says:

    I liked their chemistry but since they weren’t part of the great McMahon in everyone’s corner storyline they had “No Chance in Hell”.

  6. 80's Guy says:

    Is taken???

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