It Came From YouTube: Spoony reviews the WWE “Know Your Role” RPG!

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Spoony talks about the WWE “Know Your Role” role playing game!

Have any of you Crappers ever played this?

P.S- I love his hat (seriously!).

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Spoony reviews the WWE “Know Your Role” RPG!"
  1. Walter Kovacs says:

    I had picked up the book and actually played a few matches with it against a buddy of mine (never really did any campaigns though).

    The main reason was that Comic Images, the company that put the book out, was also the one behind the CCG Raw Deal, also based on the WWE, and that was a ton of fun. [I actually got the book at a gaming convention where I was playing Raw Deal]

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    2 hours of this? Really?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is this? Like a tabletop RPG type deal, like a D&D type thing? I can’t even tell from watching the video. Those thing never made any sense.

  4. Andre R. says:

    *do-do-do-do-do* IT’S TIME FOR THE SPOONY ONE!
    *do-do-do-do-do* WRESTLING SHOW!

    Ahh yes, the theme to Noah Antwiler’s excellent vlog series “Wrestle! Wrestle!” which he did for about a year between 2010-2011. Then he abruptly stopped doing it, as he was disgusted at the angle in TNA involving Kurt and Karen’s children with her new hubby Jeff Jarrett. I think he was justified, to be honest.

    And to answer the question, no, I never played this RPG. Or any, for that matter. They’re just not my thing, I prefer old-school video gaming instead. But I really like Spoony’s vlogs and game reviews!

  5. Scrooge McSuck says:

    I honestly think I’ve seen that old school RPG advertised in a wrestling magazine, WAY back in the day. Never heard of “know your role”, but again, why is a book called KNOW YOUR ROLE (obviously a play on words with the Rock), and have Hardcore Holly on the cover?

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