It Came From YouTube: Speaking From The Heart music video- the alternative cut!

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Crapper Avi Krebs writes:

This may initially sound like a puzzling submission. For starters, I love this song and it is my favourite one next to Wrestlemania on Wrestlemania the Album. Secondly, this video is on Dailymotion as opposed to YouTube but since the WWE hasn’t gone crusading on there yet. it’s really a treasure trove of content in its raw form as it initially aired which for many of us is what we grew up with and remembered.

Anyways, the reason I deem this video Wrestlecrap is because it doesn’t include the opening verse of the song, which as our friend Gorilla Monsoon would say is a true miscarriage of justice. I do like Randy Savage’s enthusiastic commentary pre and post video though. It makes me miss him that much more. Wrestlemania (the original version) is also on Dailymotion but that one doesn’t include the verse with the Nasty Boys which is a shame because how else would we know when we would be going to Nastyville?

Anyone who doesn’t like Speaking From the Heart doesn’t have both oars in the water! (Another lesser known Gorilla Monsoonism).

A true classic! Here’s an alternative edit of the video:

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Speaking From The Heart music video- the alternative cut!"
  1. John C says:

    It’s always confusing when your back up singers aren’t sure of who you are when they’re singing about you, The Matcho-Man?

  2. James says:

    Cut line: “I will be with you, I’ll always be with you…especially if you’re the boss’ daughter, OOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHH!”

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