It Came From YouTube: Sione nearly cripples Billy Gunn

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My Partner In Crap ArtODonnell writes:

Headshrinker Sione sets up Billy Gunn for a tombstone piledriver with Gunn’s head way too close to the ground. If Billy hadn’t tilted his head way to one side, his career would have been over in 1995. There would have been no Rockabilly, no Mr. Ass, and no Billy & Chuck, and Wrestlecrap would be much poorer for it.

YOUCH! That looks like it must’ve been really painful!

Poor Billy.

They should totally make Back To The Future IV about Doc and Marty having to go back in time and prevent Sione from injuring Billy Gunn to ensure that Billy goes on to have future WrestleCrap-worthy gimmicks.

License To Print Ticket Sales!

Plus, they could get Billy as Rock-A-Billy to do a cover of Huey Lewis’ “Back In Time”!

I smell a top selling soundtrack!

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Sione nearly cripples Billy Gunn"
  1. Andre R. says:

    Apparently there’s a market for videos featuring severe injuries or near injuries in wrestling. There was one on YT called “Triple H Almost KIlls Somebody” where he botches the Pedigree on a prelim bum (this was back during his arrogant blueblood stage in the mid 90s) and the dude looked pretty hurt. In any case, what the hell was “Headshrinker Sione” doing the Tombstone for? And do I even need to mention Owen Hart/Steve Austin from 1997? Aren’t things like this why they banned the piledriver? At least I thought they did…..

    • Hashington says:

      They banned the belly to belly sitdown piledriver (that Austin broke Chono’s neck with, and Owen broke Austin’s neck with) because it’s too hard to protect the person being dropped. The bans on other piledrivers were kayfabe because those variations are fairly safe, barring extreme botching as seen here.

      • Art0Donnell says:

        And even before those two infamous inverted piledrivers, Marty Jannetty fractured Pat Tanaka’s neck with the exact same move.

      • Matt Soileau says:

        Actually, the regular Tombstone was banned for a while when Undertaker gave HHH a stinger in 2000. That’s why he used the Last Ride for a while and Kane finished with the Chokeslam.

        Wrestlers have to have special permission to use a piledriver. They still consider it dangerous.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did a piledriver cause the dude who did the move to collapse on the canvas?

    • John C says:

      I’d say it’s to stall for time so the ref can get instructions from the back so if they have to change the finish on the fly. You’d think no one else would have been allowed to do the tombstone since that was Taker’s finisher.

    • Jason says:

      that was Sionne’s comeback spot, after being hit with a flying bulldog

  3. Jeremy says:

    Shesh, that’s pretty uncomfortable to watch, Sione is quite the *ahem* Barbarian isn’t he?

  4. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Please can we remember Bart Gunn’s contributions to Wrestlecrap whilst we are here…

    PS have the Smokin’ Gunns ever been inducted to the Crap?

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