It Came From YouTube: Shelly Martinez vs. Rebel in the Worst Match You Ever Did See

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Everyone’s been talking about this one since Bryan ranted about it…so…is it truly worse than the Jenna vs. Sharmell disaster?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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35 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Shelly Martinez vs. Rebel in the Worst Match You Ever Did See"
  1. WrestleTrekker says:

    That opening promo… Oof.
    OK, I assume Shelley’s the baby face. But do babyface’s usually do skull motifs? Add to the fact that she doesn’t nothing about it until she suddenly goes into CREEPY MODE. Also, can the camera person PLEASE hold it level to her face and not at a Dutch angle? I swear it was like watching Battlefield Earth.

  2. Art0Donnell says:

    Is Rebel the innovator of the Vaginal Stretch?

  3. GeneMean says:

    “Look at that speed by Shelly Martinez!”

    Just… Just stop.

  4. Raging_Demons says:

    I have never seen Rebel wrestle but my god! Rebel’s horrible! I know she got there as a fluff piece for The Menagerie and she’s Christy Hemme’s buddy and all but DEAR GOD ALMIGHTY!

    IS this bad as Sharmell/Jenna Morasca? Nope. At least the Big Nippled Vampire was actually you know…wrestling so she was somewhat in control of the match. Its just she couldn’t do anything with Rebel as she was like…like…watching live vomit coming out of your mouth. There was nothing Shelly could do with her.

    This is on par with THAT Jackie Gayda match more than anything. This should be called “THAT Rebel Match”.

    Honest;y WWE could do something with Rebel. I mean they had botch machine like The Bellas and Alicia Fox and even Rosa FREAKING Mendes of all people. and they make them look…ok they still make them look crappy but more like sparkly crap than anything

  5. I'll Be Your Zero says:

    You never did that phone call with Shelley!

  6. TMM says:

    I’ll be hones I only watched because i was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction .

    I give them kudos for trying but going for moves they are not able to do properly well it gives results like that, quite poor.

    Not sure what the final was supposed to be ?

  7. M says:

    Rebel makes Ashley Massaro and Kelly Kelly look like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat

  8. Big Gold Belt says:

    Both of those matches are truly horrible, but “Donald Trump” versus “Rosie O’Donnell” is still the worst match I’ve ever saw.

  9. Sean Bateman says:

    Somehow, you gotta ask Shelly about her vag after this match when you interview on WCR

  10. Si says:

    Martinez has been wrestling for fifteen years, she got to work with Mickie James and Beth Phoenix early on in OVW, and this is the level she’s up to?

    It’s also incredibly self-defeating for TNA (again), because after years of Beautiful People reunions and Kim-Kong forever they’re on the verge of a good Knockouts division with Jade as champion and Allysin Kay and Cherry Bomb just signed, yet because this is the way they chose to present their women none of that matters. THAT FINISH. What even was that supposed to be? Was Shelly meant to be knocked out on the apron, despite then attempting to kick out of the pin?

    • Raging_Demons says:

      I think Shelly was going to do a springboard plancha out to the ring and landing on Rebel but she suddenly moved for whatever reason & Shelly was at point of no return and she couldn’t adjust in time so that happened.

    • Guest says:

      Kim Kong?

      • Si says:

        Might be more perception than reality, but it felt like whenever Awesome Kong was in TNA the end point of all her feuds was a match with Gail Kim.

    • Joe Just says:

      It looked to me like Shelley was supposed to have a suicide dive stopped by Rebel hitting her as she came through the ropes, but Rebel either forgot or was just too slow to react. So Shelley, who was never supposed to actually do the dive as she was meant to be caught, stopped herself in mid-action with nothing in her way. It looks like it’s entirely Shelley’s fault but I think they’re both to blame, Rebel moreso in fact.

  11. Scrooge McSuck says:

    Oh my God. That really is the worst finish I’ve ever seen on TV.

  12. Kev says:

    The only thing they didn’t botch was the entrances.

  13. John C says:

    That was a awful flashback to nearly every horrendous WWE women’s match of the mid 2000’s era. Licensing Hole’s Doll Parts must use up all the budget for TNA no wonder why it always looks so crappy and low rent.

  14. Brian Jacobs says:

    Having heard of late Wrestling Observer Live via TuneIn, the second I saw this entry I knew what this was about. Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervine have been debating which is bigger Wrestlecrap of late. Having now seen (and luckily surviving…I still get ‘Nam like flashbacks to Kronik vs. the Brothers of Destruction as my personal worst seen match…and that was at a movie theatre since up here in Canada the WWE PPVs are on them as an option for normal movie theatre admission costs) I will say that Jenna/Sharmell is hard to compare to this as there you got 2 women who have a total of almost non-existent experience in a ring. Here as some noted Shelly has least been wrestling a while. I wasn’t ready though for how green Rebel is-she shrieks and moves as bad as Ashley Massaro or Jackie Gayda. So indeed this is more akin to the Trish Stratus/Gayda tag match the site covered or an Ashley/Kelly Kelly match someone noted to a lesser extent. Still Wrestlecrap but not the bottom of the toilet bowl so to speak.

  15. Reidah says:

    Nice side tit, at least.

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      One for Peter Griffin’s Side Boob Hour. Seriously, expected a full on wardrobe malfunction there…

  16. Thomas Moffatt says:

    It wasn’t awful and it didn’t drag on like the Jenna/Sharmel match. The Dawn Marie v Tori Wilson matches in their Gooker winning feud were much worse than both as was that infamous Kaitlyn/Maxine match in the women’s NXT season (and there were some suckfest in there – and I’m not talking felatio). Anyhow, I’d sooner watch this match them the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler match from WMXXVII or the atrocious John Cena/Jesus match from Armageddon 2004 which was the culmination of a truly WrestleCrap deserving angle.

    • Joe Just says:

      The two examples you gave were badly booked, sure, but the matches themselves went the way they were designed to. Plus, Cena was extremely inexperienced and Jesus was green, and Cole was a non-wrestler vs someone in terrible health and in his 50’s. This match was a complete disaster between someone whose experience and age/shape should make her more capable than she is (Martinez) and someone who frankly shouldn’t be in the ring to begin with (Rebel). I fail to see how that’s “not awful.” Seems to me that you’re just a TNA apologist.

  17. Mister Forth says:

    At least the match made Josh stop acting hyper.

  18. That Lucha Guy says:

    It wasn’t as bad as Kaitlyn vs Maxine in nxt. But yeah, you can tell Martinez is not a Knockout anymore.

  19. Alexandru says:

    This was terrible but nowhere near as bad as Jenna Vs. Sharmell, Kaitlyn vs. Maxine, and that match where Uncle Elmer Fell down throwing a punch. Hell I’d Almost say Sid vs. Taker at WM13 is worse just due to how long and boring it was. At least this was a short shit fest

  20. MistaMaddog says:

    It’s now offically on Botchamania…TWICE!

  21. Big says:

    That was, um, wow. Actually, I know that I have seen worse matches, but when you have someone who is “meh, okay” and someone who has zero ability it just compounds the outcome that much worse.

  22. Mike says:

    Yeah it was a crappy match but on the level of Jenna vs. Sharmell. They are not even in the same universe. It was just a boring match and allow me to tell you that the commentary didn’t help either. Never have I heard two commentators that didn’t want to be there. Sweet mother of Dio,could you try to put some excitement into what you’re doing there? I understand the match is bad but you could help. The only good part about was Rebel’s silver shorts.

  23. Hotrod says:

    Eh, I still say the worst match ever is Zeus v. Abdullah the Butcher. This was pretty lousy but they at least connected with some shots.

  24. Posting Machine says:

    I was going to say “with tits like that, why are you bothering to complain about her wrestling???”

    But after after her doing an “I’m getting back to my Mexican roots” promo where she MISPRONOUNCES “dia”…even I have to shake my head a bit.

  25. Gabriel Benson says:

    Straight off the Featured Dancer Pole, right to the pit of wrestling hole. LOLTNA

  26. Joe Just says:

    I’ll say this, it’s actually really refreshing (albeit in an uncomfortable way) and maybe even somewhat progressive to hear a female wrestler scream “my vadge hurts.” Let’s face it, women in wrestling don’t often acknowledge the more unsavoury aspects of their bodies. They’re just unchallenging T&A (no pun intended) most of the time, with a few exceptions like OBD doing poop jokes and Natalya farting. Things like periods and women’s health issues are still a bit of a taboo in wrestling, and much of the media for that matter, whereas a guy getting kicked in the balls is par for the course and a running joke. It’s therefore kinda nice to hear a woman not shy away from this, because let’s face it, having your crotch stretched like that WOULD be painful especially I’d suggest for a female. Doesn’t make up for not being able to wrestle and botching the finish but at least it suggests to me that she’s interesting as a person.

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