It Came From YouTube: Shawn Michaels’ lame original heel theme music

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Let’s see how many of you Crappers remember this…

After Shawn Michaels turned on Marty Jannetty in January of 1992 he needed new theme music to reflect his new arrogant heel persona, and he needed it quickly.

But before WWE’s composer Jim Johnston could come up with something appropriate, he decided to give  him some lame, orchestral theme music- in this case “Rhapsody In Blue” by famed composer George Gershwin which was written in 1924.

Here’s a clear version of it.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s a nice song for what it is.

But it’s just not the kind of thing that fits the “cocky boy toy with attitude” character that Shawn had developed into at this point.

Fortunatly, less than a month later (around the middle of February 1992) he got “Sexy Boy” as sung by Sherri and he’s used pretty much the same song as his theme music ever since with the only change being that he recorded a version with himself on vocals after he dumped Sherri (which he still uses today).

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19 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Shawn Michaels’ lame original heel theme music"
  1. AK says:

    Sensational Sherri version > Shawn Michaels version

    I don’t even remember this theme music. Sounds like it would have been better for HHH although his first theme was quite fitting anyways.

  2. Rebel Coyote says:

    Theme is a rip from the one used for airlines commercial back in late 80s and early 90s. I believe it was Southwest or Delta.

    • Eddie Mac says:

      It was United Airlines.

      And apparently they brought back the music for a new ad not long ago.

  3. Eddie Mac says:

    Forgot to put this in. United ad from 1988.


  4. John says:

    I had totally blanked on this until it started to play. It was elevatory enough to make you want to fall asleep to the freaking thing.

  5. CBCB says:

    Huh… it sounds like that music played for the “Lady Gremlin” during the musical number near the end of Gremlins 2.


    Ha! Yeah, it is. – at around 1:00

  6. drunkenmaster says:

    This theme feels out of place for Michaels.

    • Jimbolian says:

      Totally agreed; would’ve worked better for the Narcissus…errr, I mean, the Narcissist Lex Luger!

  7. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    I added a Wikipedia link with information on the song if anyone is interested. It dates back to 1924.

  8. Micah P says:

    I don’t like your history on the whole “Shawn turned on Marty”. Shawn was simply trying to help him up after he accidentally kicked him and the coward tried to escape through the window.

  9. Drew says:

    He had this ring music for an excellent match he had with Jimmy Snuka.

    They really pushed Shawn Michaels to the moon back in the early 1990s and no one seemed to notice. He racked up wins over Jimmy Snuka, British Bulldog, Rick Martel, Mr Perfect, Crush – they had him tag team with Ric Flair against Hart and Savage. They guy’s win/loss ratio from 1992-1993 is unreal.

    • hobu0 says:

      Yea and they didn’t have him get destroyed by like, Hulk Hogan week after week. Within 4 years he was champion.

      How long has, oh let’s say, Kofi Kingston been in the WWE?

  10. The Scanian Maniac says:

    Didn’t Bobby Heenan at one point, claim that that this Shawn Michaels original theme, was composed by Chopin?

    At least I thought this for about 25 years, until now 🙂

    And didn’t the new “Sexy Boy” (sung by Sherri) theme debut at the same Saturday Night’s Main Event as the The Mountie’s 2nd WWE theme “I’m The Mountie”?

  11. Pitpodcast says:

    “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin isn’t lame.
    I mean it’s terrible for a theme but still.

  12. Matt S. says:

    It would be great CAW music in a video game. Sounds like it would work for a guy like Terry Taylor or Rick Martel or something.

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