It Came From YouTube: Santo Gold’s Blood Circus- the strangest wrestling movie you’ve never seen!

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Today I have an It Came From YouTube/Someone Bought This two-for-one double-dose of strangeness is about a very obscure and weird wrestling movie.

In 1985, Santo Victor Rigatuso produced TV infomercials hawking cheap gold-plated jewelry under the brand name “Santo Gold”

But that’s not why we’re talking about him today, Crappers!

He also produced, filmed, and starred in a wrestling/Comedy/Science-Fiction (!) movie called “Santo Gold’s Blood Circus”.

According to the Wikipedia article about the movie, it’s described thusly:

The movie revolves around aliens from the planet Zoran, sent to Earth to fight against professional wrestlers from the United States and the Soviet Union, who prove actually to be man-eaters who devour their opponents upon defeating them in a wrestling match. Some of the Earth wrestlers were actual professional wrestlers from the World Wrestling Federation.

One of the key moments in Blood Circus was filmed at the Baltimore Civic Center, where Rigatuso, playing a character called Santo Gold, performs a song before the climactic wrestling match. The song lyrics have nothing to do with the movie; instead, the song promotes Rigatuso’s “Santo Gold” jewelry.

Sounds like the kind of B-Movie Blade Braxton could have starred in.

Nah, on second thought; he’s way too good for something like this.

I wonder what WWF wrestlers were in this thing (if Wikipedia is to be trusted, that is)?

Unfortuantlly, the movie was never widely released.

According to this informative article on Infomercial Hell the 35mm film negatives were put up for auction in 2011 (UPDATE: They’re back up on eBay now!). 

The reserve auction price?

Only $750,000,000!

Santo Gold's Blood Circus auctionBut the starting minimum asking price was a mere $21,000,000!

Sadly; there were no bidders (gee, I wonder why?) and the movie remains clouded in obscurity to this day.

There are many more clips of the movie in the Infomercial Hell review of the Santo Gold infomercial here which is well worth checking out.

It’s a shame the movie was never released because I’m sure this is one heck of an entertaining, strange piece of cinematic WrestleCrap.

Here’s Blood Circus’ IMDB page which tells me that Ox Baker was in it playing a Russian wrestler.

That is unfortunately all the information I could round up about this bizarre little movie.

I just wanted to share it with you Crappers and let you know about what a… unique movie we’ve all missed out on seeing!

(Thanks to Infomercial Hell for documenting this auction with the above screenshot and writing up the review of the infomercial itself).

Update! Our own ArtODonnel just emailed me with two juicy tidbits of information! He writes:

I found out on the Santo Gold website that you can buy part one of the “Making of” documentary of Blood Circus.

You can also buy a five minute preview of the movie for $3.98. I guess old Santo is still holding out for someone to buy the whole movie for $750 million.

Good news: supposedly in 2011, Santo Gold re-released the movies.

Then again, this website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1997, and there is no info on how to order it, so I don’t know how reliable that info is.\

Oops, bad news. The movie still isn’t out on DVD. Apparently by “re-release,” he means that he’s selling the rights to the movie. For 750 million dollars. 

Very interesting! Thanks for the information, Art!

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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Santo Gold’s Blood Circus- the strangest wrestling movie you’ve never seen!"
  1. 80's Guy says:

    I know people are emotionally invested in their own works, but 21,000,000? That’s f’n outrageous and the guy should be beat just for being that insanely stupid.

    It’s not even funny after seeing that. It’s more insulting and offensive as a creature with a higher evolved intellect.

    The budget was probably only 500 bucks, tops.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yeah… He might as well just show the movie at wrestling conventions or tour it around and charge people to see it in a theater if he wants to make money off it. I’d buy it if it was released on DVD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this THE most overpriced item in eBay history?

  3. Art0Donnell says:

    You mistyped that asking price. It wasn’t seventy five million dollars. It was seven hundred fifty million dollars.

    Yes, this film is worth 3/4 billion dollars, according to Santo.

  4. drunkenmaster says:

    I’m sorry, but I think that this “750,000,000 DOLLARS”, as in American, is just a typo or something…

  5. THE Jeffry Mason says:

    Thats not a bad deal. I mean, you cant beat free shipping, right?

  6. John C says:

    Why the hatred towards cods, are halibut and trout better than them or something. Fish racism at its lowest if you ask me. Unlike what was on that desk I seriously doubt anyone in that studio was using Diet Coke. For $750 million it better be the director’s cut with a good commentary track on it. It does have a better sounding plot than Zombie Shark or 3 Headed Shark Attack though. When the price drops to $673 million you can count me in.

  7. Thomas says:

    OH, YES! The most incredible infomercial ever, bar none.

    The actual infomercial is on YouTube in two parts. It’s pretty remarkable in itself. It includes the big climactic musical number that appears in the movie itself, and gives you some idea of what the movie’s like. One of the most incredibly bizarre things ever committed to film.

    Part 1:

    Part 2 (includes the musical number from the movie):

  8. Alexandru says:

    Who ever is selling this for 21,000,000 is clearly on every known (and unknown drug). There really are no words for that price

  9. Brad Essex says:

    Remember watching this as a kid in Houston. No one remembered It but me I still have that song in my head!

  10. Creepella says:

    Santo Gold (real name: Santo Victor Rigatuso) has a long history of mental illness, including Tourette Syndrome and Mania. Grandiosity and an endless flow of wild ideas, are symptoms of Mania. This would explain a lot, including the outlandish price on Ebay.

    Here’s my source:

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