It Came From YouTube: Ricky Morton gets down in the Boogie Woogie Dance Hall!

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Crapper CactusJack12 sent in this commercial for Ricky Morton’s Boogie Woogie Dance Hall single and the song itself!

This falls squarely into the “So bad, it’s amazing” category.

Eat your heart out, Jimmy Hart!

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Ricky Morton gets down in the Boogie Woogie Dance Hall!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    Ricky Morton superior
    Rick Springsteen inferior

    • John C says:

      Bruce Springfield was even worse.
      How dare anything with Boogie Woogie in the title not involve the horribly beyond awful Jimmy Valiant. Under the definition of the word, suck, it would not put his picture on it because he was so terrible. I wish fans today could feel how epic tag teams were in the 80’s, that’s the power that Ricky Morton could command. To be allowed to make a really shitty song and back then no one complained about it. They were that over he could have been NWA Champion. Hoot Gibson looked like a hybrid gopher/chipmunk and he was over too.

  2. brain hammer says:

    According to Ricky Morton, The Crockett’s wound up selling so many of these frigging things that they eventually gave up processing the orders, and had stacks of unopened envelopes leftover. At $20 bucks a pop, that was some serious money left on the table, and best of all – The RnRs didn’t get one penny of it. Whatever profits were made off this “fan club” went right into the Crockett’s and Dusty’s pockets instead of them, which was another yet reason why Robert quit the company.

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