It Came From YouTube: Rare Crush song from WrestleMania: The Album

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Aloha, Crappers!

This is “Cold Crush”; a song that was somehow only available on the European versions of “WrestleMania: The Album”.

Yes, before he was a jailbird he was a songbird!

Oh, those lucky Europeans! I wish we Americans had been treated to this gem of a song.

“Go! Go! Go Crush!”.

I prefer “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!”, myself…

Audio courtesy of the Demo button on any late-80’s Casio keyboard and someone holding up a cheap tape recorder to their TV during old episodes of Raw.

“One at a time! Two at a time!”…. in bed.

(Sorry! That’s an old habit I picked up from reading fortune cookies out loud)..

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Rare Crush song from WrestleMania: The Album"
  1. John says:

    That’s right kids just say no to the Kronik.
    He’d do a job one at a time..two at a time.

  2. Johnny Fountains says:

    Crush > Ninjas

  3. Andre R. says:

    I bought the cassette of this in Germany in ’93 and it had this track on it. I always wondered why they left it off the CD version. And it was in this where he told kids to stay away from drugs. Hilarious In Hindsight much?

  4. Mister Forth says:

    This was certainly a strange track “brah”.

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