It Came From YouTube: Please buy some worthless gold from Jeff Jarrett- he needs money!

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Breaking News hot off the NewsTrolla!

Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling now in the multi-level marketing business.

Global Force Wrestling owner and former aspiring Country singer Jeff Jarrett has been reduced to shilling for a gold scam/pyramid scheme where you “join Team Jarrett” in what he calls “Global Force Gold”.

You buy nearly worthless gold “Karatbars” and then get your friends to buy more of that same nearly worthless gold from you.


Because apparently Global Force Wrestling isn’t getting much in the way of solid financial backing (gee, I guess investors are too smart to tie-up money into this sinkhole) so they need your money to stay afloat!

Jeff is making Dixie Carter look competent by comparison.

Quoting from Sean Rueter’s article on…

This is not only pretty shady (I’m not a lawyer or in law enforcement, but pyramid schemes are illegal, so you have to prove it’s multi-level marketing where profit is being made on the sale of the product, in this case “Karatbars”, and not just on the sale of new “franchises” to sell the product – and one internet “scam buster” has labeled them a scam), it’s a really bad look for a company who’s filmed television no one outside of live crowds in Las Vegas has seen and for an industry that – for all Vince McMahon’s efforts – is still working to escape its carnival roots in the eyes of the public.

Plus, as the guy hawking it and presumably receiving a percentage on whatever you sell, this doesn’t look like Jarrett and GFW are on really strong financial footing.

Man, this is like one rung up above “doing porn” on The Pathetic Ladder.

Needless to say, this is a total scam (read this Rip-Off Report page for more info) and you Crappers should stay far, far away from it.

Buy something of actual value, like access to The WrestleCrap Archives instead!

Even Goldmember and Goldust…

Austin Powers GoldmemberGoldust wearing Top Hat

…would say “Yeah, we’re going to take a pass on this gold, thanks…”.

I had originally put a video of Ray Charles’ song Busted here, but Crapper Brian Henegar submitted this awesome, and very funny parody of the song called “Jeff’s Busted” that he came up with which is much, much more appropriate!

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18 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Please buy some worthless gold from Jeff Jarrett- he needs money!"
  1. Drew Bludd says:

    I always associated that song with Johnny Cash. But that’s the kind of song EVERYBODY did a version of

  2. GeneMean says:

    Hey now. Don’t knock doing porn. It might be a “hard” job, but it’s still a more honest living than selling Karatbars.

  3. Gotchism For Life says:

    Wait…how did Global Force aka WCW 1999 version 3.0 sink below TNA so quickly?

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      They never had the funding or stars that TNA had.

      • Andrew says:

        Well they actually had/have recycled TNA, which some were recycled WWE stars. Also at 1st he was schilling Karen bars (Karen Angle/Jarrett ), which I don’t know how worse would that be lol

  4. John C says:

    Next up Dubba J will be advertising penis enlargement products.
    “Don’t be a Slappy or I’ll have to beg for more money from my pappy. Try Slapnuts and I promise that in the sack you won’t be crappy.”

  5. WrestleTrekker says:

    Hey now. Porn is far more respectable then shilling for a pyramid scheme.

  6. James says:

    GFW should have hired Kevin Matthews, totally! It would save the company! Don Tony told me so!!!!!!

  7. Gerard says:

    See Jeff ya shoulda agreed to reteaming up with Dixie cause as bad as tna has been suffering they at least have a TV deal!! Why not kiss her butt and give her back all the wrestlers you stole from her. Let’s just mash tna and gfw together and call the whole thing gf-tna or tna-gf or something like that!!

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      They probably won’t have a TV deal in 6 months, though. That ship is rapidly sinking.

  8. CLS says:

    So now Jeff’s reduced to scamming people for money? I don’t know who’s more pathetic: Dixie running TNA to death or Jeff scamming people. Either way, I’m not supporting either of them.

    I don’t think Shane Douglas would stoop as low as Jeff…sure, his Extreme Rising promotion failed after a few years but at least Shane didn’t beg people for money.

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