It Came From YouTube: Paul Heyman has a special gift for The Undertaker

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From Smackdown in 2003, Paul Heyman has a special gift for The Undertaker….

And it’s none other than Brother Love! Oh boy!

I wonder how they got the box with him in it into the ring without the crowd seeing who was inside?

Unfortunately, The Undertaker is not very appreciative of the gift.

Hey; it’s the thought that counts, you know! Sheesh…

Maybe next time he’s in a gift giving mood, Paul should just buy him The Death Of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition instead!

That’s a gift he’s sure to appreciate and cherish, and there’s no better way to say “I LOVE YOU!”.

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Paul Heyman has a special gift for The Undertaker"
  1. Greg says:

    I thought this was from 2003…

  2. BenT says:

    In case anyone is actually wondering, I was there for one of those giant gift openings with Taker. To prevent anyone from seeing what was inside they actually had the box suspended over the ring all night. Which means Brother Love was suspended over the ring for HOURS! 99% sure my memory’s right on this one.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Makes sense. Kind of like when wrestlers hide under the ring for a few hours before fans enter the arena so nobody sees them.

  3. Greg says:

    Man, after all Bruce contributed to the company, then Stephanie comes along and just decides it’s “time for him to move on” and they just dump him. Fuck off and thanks for all the fish.

    You gotta even wonder if the McMahon’s brains function like normal peoples do. Do they even realize just how hated they are as a family?

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