It Came From YouTube: MTV True LIfe- I’m A Pro Wrestler

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This is MTV’s “True Life: I’m A Pro Wrestler” episode from the late 90’s featuring Triple H and Chyna.

The short version of it is that it’s really tough to make it in the business, and that being a pro wrestler has some perks, but for the most part it’s really stressful and difficult if you do make it.

Also, Tony Atlas says “cellphone” really weird and Triple H gets lost while trying to find the airport.

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: MTV True LIfe- I’m A Pro Wrestler"
  1. Martin Perkins says:

    LOL Tony Atlas is wrestling a young buck named Snisky.

  2. RealDoubleJ says:

    God, I remember when this aired! Douchebag goes to wrestling school, Tony atlas playing the role of Mickey Rourke and Chyna being Chyna.

    Forgot Shark Boy was in it!

    Oh and if you look at the YouTube profile of the uploader of this fine video product, you might notice he has also uploaded the first 3 seasons of Tough Enough in all their wrestlecrap glory.

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