It Came From YouTube: Monster Brawl- monsters who wrestle each other. Plus, Jimmy Hart!

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Crapper Jonathan Stefancin writes:


THIS exists.

Wow… Jimmy Hart and Kevin Nash in a B-movie featuring monsters wrestling (?!) each other.

I’m so there!

It could only be made better if Blade Braxton himself had a staring role.

Our own Jordan Mishkin reviewed the movie on his blog- check it out!

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Monster Brawl- monsters who wrestle each other. Plus, Jimmy Hart!"
  1. Nick says:

    It’s like a cross between Night of the Living Dead, Highlander, and Body Slam.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s no way this isn’t a future induction.

  3. Walt says:

    Ok, I’m offended. That voice over guy makes the difference between Canada and Newfoundland. I’m originally from Newfoundland and we are just as much a part of Canada as anyone from Calgary, Alberta.

    Anyway, movie looked like sheer crap, and I really don’t like the Satanic images of inverted crosses and pentagrams.

    • Paul S. says:

      Actually Pentagrams originally come from the Pythagoreans who were a fraternity of Greek philosophers and mathematicians. The symbol was later adopted by early Christians as a symbol of Christ’s wounds. It was only associated with Satanism very recently largely due to misunderstandings of Wicca and neo-pagan religions that have adopted it.

      Likewise the inverted cross is actually an early Christian symbol representing the death of Saint Peter. It only really came into being associated with being anti-christian through the LaVeyan Satanist movement which is pretty much just made up of Atheists who call themselves Satanists because it freaks people out.

      So really. Don’t worry about it. The “Satanic” imagery is as real as the Witches, Zombies, and Werewolves in the movie. :p

      • Walt says:

        Without getting into a lengthy debate, not over the origins, but the usage…I’ll just say this. I doubt it very highly that the makers of this film used the upside down cross because of Peter’s self-confessed unworthiness to die in the same way as Jesus. Also, while the Pentagram/Pentacle was a medieval symbol that some used to represent the 5 wounds of Christ, that wasn’t it’s origin. Furthermore, the upside down version seen in the movie has been pretty much universally accepted as representing the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet.

        • Paul S. says:

          No the filmmakers didn’t think about the Pythagorean origins of the Pentagram or the St, Peter Cross anymore than they considered they just looked for some exotic looking symbols that have pretty much become the stock in trade of every haunted house, ghost story, and occult themed movie in decades. Just a lazy shorthand way of saying “look monsters, look evil! Booga booga booga!”

          So again nothing to worry about because for the most part Satanism has never really been a thing int he world. Sure delusional people who claim to talk to the devil exist as do some fringe groups, but for the most part the most real “harm” has been caused by people fruitlessly looking for the devil under any bush and jumping to harebrained conclusions. Look up the very real harm caused by the Satanic Panic in the 80s sometime.

          • Walt says:

            Despite your skepticism, demons are real, and real people have used those symbols to invoke their presence. However, I know that no amount of evidence or testimony, even from personal experience, will change your mind. I leave it at that.

            • Paul S. says:

              I believe there certainly are people who claim to have seen demons or summoned them… but until I see one stuffed and mounted in a museum or in a zoo I have no reason to believe in they actually exist.

              And no… I don’t count anecdotal evidence any more than you would likely accept testimony from someone who claimed to have seen Vishnu, Thor, or Amaterasu.

  4. John Q Occupier says:

    I’m very amused by the fact that on the cover art, Frankenstein’s monster (WISH people could get that right…) looks like The Great Khali…

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