It Came From YouTube: Mickie James on Jenny Jones talk show

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Crapper First Last (“First Last” is the name it showed in the “FROM” field of the email he or she sent me) writes:

I’m at a lose for words when it comes to this clip; Mickie James in a dress more suited for Francis or Beulah, shakes her stuff on the Jenny Jones show.

Best. Submission. Ever.

I’m sure Blade approves of this one.

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20 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Mickie James on Jenny Jones talk show"
  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a tragic lack of any emoticon for expressing what I’m sure is everyone’s reaction to this clip.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m at a “lose” for words myself. Mickie looked absolutely scrumptious in that almost dress. Me likey!

  3. James S says:

    It looks like she’s wearing half a table cloth.

  4. Bone White says:

    Cor! Blllllimey!

  5. Brownie_the_3rd says:

    that is quite the dress Mickie is almost wearing

  6. Dr. Phart-Ebum says:

    Yes, that dress is more suited for Francis…Buxton. “Oh Pee-Wee, listen to reason!”

  7. Scott "The Man" Matias says:

    Did anyone ever see her “adult” photoshoot pics?

    • bret_owen99 says:

      you can see them for free on ebay. someone is selling posters of them, but you can see the preview pics.

  8. Adam Cota says:

    0:15 – “Boys would pull her hair and smack her on the back of the head…”
    Insert your own Blade joke here, kids.

  9. 80's Guy says:

    I really wish people like those guys on there were with a male host who would calmly, yet sharply, poke fun at them, ridicule them, attack their inadequacies and insecurities, etc. and just totally pi$$ them off.

    I always thought it would be good to do that to people who acted like that because then they wouldn’t be acting like total ignorant tools, laughing and trying to act tough like the guy with the pelican beak.

    I need my own talk show.

  10. Jimbolian says:

    What was that phrase Joey Styles always spouted out? Oh yeah…

    OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Down With OPC says:

    This post needs the subtitle “Horsetrolla”, come on now.

  12. MisterSpiffy says:

    So this is where they got the idea for the piggy james storyline

  13. Al Lobama says:

    And WWE thought she was too fat. Maybe the boys who picked on her at school grew to become members of the “CreativeTeam.”

  14. Shanthini says:

    Mickie is always the energetic type. Wow, look at those moves!

  15. M@rk says:

    Goddamn….. HOTDAMN! O_O I think i’m in love…

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