It Came From YouTube: Mick Foley has a major announcement!

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Mick Foley has a major announcement, and WrestleCrap brings it straight to you!

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17 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Mick Foley has a major announcement!"
  1. John C says:

    He’s got the whole pouch in his hands…he’s got the whole pouch in his hands.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      The only thing that could’ve made this any better was if the fanny pack were some hideous shade of neon green like the ones in the 90’s were.

  2. W.M. Pump says:

    Mick is really starting to irritate me. He’s his own biggest mark and he comes off as so desperate to be noticed.

    • Hashington says:

      He was always that way. One doesnt jump off 20ft cages or work explosion matches without being desperate for attention. I never cared much for his work anyway.

      • Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe) says:

        I want you both to know, from the bottom of my soul, from the very depths of my being, I believe you both to be communists. That’s right. Both of you are communists if you can’t love Mick Foley. You might also be fascists. I haven’t decided.

        But some how, some way, both of you, Hashington and W.M. Pump, are an extreme political stance which fell out of favor before 1950. All because you can’t love the most incredible person we still have in wrestling today. I feel sad for both of you.

        • W.M. Pump says:

          I liked…no…LOVED Mick’s early work as Mankind. His feud with Taker was great and the only thing I didn’t like about his title match with HBK is that the little prissy punk HBK won.

          But he has been irritating as of late, like for example trying to say something to the effect of “Hey Wade Barrett when you used my move I should get credit.” Well Mick, every time you did the Double Arm DDT you should have thanked Kenta Kobashi.

          He’s reminding me of the Kartrashians, attention whores.

          Too bad if anyone gets butthurt by that, but that’s my opinion. Being called a “fascist” for stating an opinion is just weak.

          I agree with Hashington, Mick worked GARBAGE wrestling. I’ll be the first to say he seems like a very well-mannered, polite, intelligent, loving family man, but doing deathmatches, ridiculous stunts, it’s garbage wrestling.

          By the way, the greatest name we still have in wrestling today is Kazushi Sakuraba. When everyone had figured out pro wrestling was fake and the Gracies were invincible, Sakuraba was hunting them down and showing pro wrestling was strong.

          • Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe) says:

            I’m gonna take a strong bet you’re somewhere in the 15-22 range. That or you’re a gimmick poster pretending to be the world’s most douche-like smart mark.

            On the off chance you’re not a gimmick poster, listen here. No one cares that you know poru-resu or proclaim a style of wrestling that really, really got over and made a ton of people a lot of money is “Garbage”. Don’t ever forget that it’s a business. And for that matter, no one cares you don’t like HBK. You’re insane if you can’t enjoy that guy’s show even if you don’t dig him personally.

            As someone who’s been rolling around mats since I could crawl: separate the characters someone plays from the people who play them. Mick is playing a character. If he’s in public and not with his family, assume he’s playing a character. It’s how these guys were brought up in the business. Especially easy now with Youtube videos to define a character. That’s all this video is.

            Anyway, work harder to not come off so insanely off-putting in the future, eh?

            • W.M. Pump says:

              You’re funny. You say no one cares if I know anything about puroresu, who said if I care if anyone knows anything about me or what I know? I was stating my opinion, not trying to prove anything to anyone.

              You make guesses and assumptions about me that are way off. That’s funny.

              The funniest of all is that you accuse me me of being a smart mark douche but then you make the comment and I quote, “As someone who’s been rolling around mats since I could crawl: separate the characters someone plays from the people who play them.”

              I wish to focus on the first part of that statement, you say I’m a douche bag but then you have to throw in that you have been on the mats, like that makes you one of the boys. I guess you taught Karl Gotch how to wrestle. You sound like another keyboard warrior.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if you did have skill and a few trophies, but having to throw in “I have years on the mats” makes you sound as needy as Mick to be honored. Ok, I’ll bite. I recognize Saint Stryfe as the World Wrestling Champion of the Internet!

              As for the second part of the statement, yes the wrestlers play characters, but many of them admit that they are playing exaggerated versions of themselves. Mick took Mankind from a psycho into an insecure goofball because he is an insecure goofball. He also said that wrestling fans weren’t cool so he played a version of himself that appealed to that. Steve Austin played the character of a beer swilling redneck because he is a beer swilling redneck. The Rock admitted to playing an exaggerated version of himself. According to Abdullah the Butcher DDP played himself.

              So yes, Mick Foley is playing a character and his whole reaction to the Rumble was obviously a work, but in that character’s core, there is a glimpse of the real Mick, insecure and wanting attention.

              As for garbage wrestling, it is garbage. You don’t need to know how to work. Hit a guy with a light tube, hit him with a weed whacker, staple a dollar bill on his forehead, pull a Madman Pondo and cut him with scissors. Pull a Jun Kasai and tear open your back on a board of giant razor blades, and don’t forget to get your front teeth knocked out like Kasai.

              Where does that crap get you? Scarred, mutilated, and like Abdullah Kobayashi, get Hepatitis. Guys have made a ton of money without having to bump on barbed wire.

              Lastly, I’m not trying to troll, and I am not trying to antagonize you, I am just giving my opinion. You’re giving yours as well, and while I disagree, I’m not sitting here butthurt that you do. In the end, whether I am right or wrong about Mick, it’ll be immaterial.

  3. Mike says:

    Follow the Reindeer! BANG BANG!

  4. Brad says:

    They were ridiculously useful, even if they were pretty tacky….Now all he needs is Zubaz pants

  5. Preparation Triple H says:

    Looks like Mick is ready to join the Wyatt Family.

  6. Rose Harmon says:

    Agreed. You’d have to be some kind of communist Nazi to not like Mick Foley. 😛

  7. AK says:

    I honestly thought he was going to announce to the world that he was going to become a hardcore Grandpa.

    Still fanny packs are worth a mention. My desktop picture right now is a bad ass shot of the New Hart Foundation featuring Owen, Pillman, Bret, the Anvil and the Bulldog. It’s a cool picture although poor Davey Boy looks like he just woke up with his PJ pants and fanny pack hanging low.

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