It Came From Youtube: Memphis Monster Mash!

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Crapper Paul S. writes (in blood!):

Just in time for Halloween here comes a Monster Mash of Memphis Wrestle Crap

We’ve seen Eric Embry’s Texas sized surprise for Jerry Lawler before but how does Jerry deal with a homicidal chainsaw wielding cannibal? KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Also Jerry Lawler cuts a promo on Reggie B. Fine and Awesome Kong (no not that one…)

Plenty of weirdies have made their way to Memphis to battle Jerry Lawler but who or what is… TA-GAR: LORD OF THE VOLCANO?! How can our faces stand against such a bizarre force.

Finally standing at nearly 7’3″ and managed by Christopher Love the Dragon Master is one of the few Memphis monsters to compare to Ta-Gar in pure insanity!

Here’s Jerry Lawler’s battle with Ta-Gar if you’re curious.

Wow! That was all outstanding! A Spooktacular job, Paul! Thanks!

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6 Responses to "It Came From Youtube: Memphis Monster Mash!"
  1. John says:

    Oh come on Uncle Jerry like you wouldn’t know what to do with a fur coat. I’m sure there’s a special rat waiting for you to crown her. I thought that might be Eddie Gilbert driving in the background ready to play Frogger with Jerry. And since it’s that time of the year and I see a fireball who can’t remember the classic Hogan-Warrior Halloween Havoc match.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The match finish at the beginning makes NO sense. Why is Lawler throwing fire? And was that guy’s shirt supposed to ignite like that?

  3. MisterSpiffy says:

    It was always Halloween in Memphis

  4. Nottingham's 'Mr Sex' says:

    There needs to be more MemphoCrap enshrined here. Boy Tony instantly springs to mind.

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