It Came From YouTube; Lots of WrestleCrap in The Bushwhackers Hall Of Fame announcement video!

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The Bushwhackers are going into The WWE Hall Of Fame!

And what better way to celebrate that with plenty of WrestleCraptastic moments in their announcement video?


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35 Responses to "It Came From YouTube; Lots of WrestleCrap in The Bushwhackers Hall Of Fame announcement video!"
  1. Scrooge McSuck says:

    I try not to look to into their choices for inductions, because it’s not like there’s a real voting process, but the Bushwhackers might be the new benchmark for pathetic inductees. It didn’t matter if I was 5 or 25, I’ve never liked the Bushwhackers. Their gimmick was annoying, their matches sucked, and they always looked like such goofs when they lost.

    • Guest says:

      Try looking up their work when they were known as The Sheepherders and weren’t being needlessly tweaked by WWE’s crack team of gimmick makers.

      • Scrooge McSuck says:

        I’m more than aware of their pre-Bushwhackers run as the Sheepherders/Kiwi’s that spanned several decades before their arrival in WWF, but they’re only inducted AS the Bushwhackers. A couple of jobbers who worked poorly (as the Bushwhackers), acted stupid (as the Bushwhackers), and just came across as a huge waste of time (as the Bushwhackers). Acknowledge their career pre-Bushwhackers era, and it’s not so bad.

        • Guest says:

          7 several decades?

          You mean they’ve been wrestling for 70 years?

          But seriously they’ll only acknowledge for their Bushwhacker days as that’s what WWE fans are more familiar with. And yet these were the same people who inducted Antonio Inoki.

          • UltimatekeyboardWarrior says:

            They joined Stampede in 1965 and Wikipedia says they started in 1964.
            So by the time we saw them in 1988 WWF, they already had been a team for 24 years.
            Not to mention Luke still wrestles at 68 and rumor has it Butch may not be around much longer at 70.

            Heck yeah induct them.

      • Alexandru says:

        You can’t really just throw around their pre WWE career because WWE is only acknowledging/inducting them for their WWE career that’s why their induction is not exactly warranted. If they had at least acknowledged their Sheep Herder days that would be a different story

        • UltimateKeyboardWarrior says:

          The video mentions their 26 tag team championships.
          Howard Finkel’s HOF induction video had a lot of Wrestlecrap in it as well.

  2. Barronmore says:

    OK, I’m gonna put on my old man shoes here, but if wwe is taking their entire carrerrs into count, then yes, The Bushwhackers belong in the HOF. Back in the mid eighties when they terrorized the world as The Sheepherders and their barbwire death matches with The Fantastics. They were legit scary and came over as complete psychopaths.

    Then they went to the WWF and I just stared at the screen…

  3. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    I like The Bushwhackers! Yes the gimmick is shallow and goofy, but it was fun when I was 10. Plus, they have great theme music.

  4. Adam says:

    Somebody should have told Voice-over Guy they’re NZ’ers, not Australian.

    (And still no Killer Bees induction? For shame, WWE)

  5. Jimbolian says:

    While we can all debate whether or not the Buschwhackers deserve to be inducted, at least WWE is attempting to not dry out their list of potential HoF inductees if they keep this up every year. Keyword: “ATTEMPTING”

  6. John C says:

    Next years inductions: Techno Team 2000, Reno Riggins, The Hand, a jar of pickles someone left out in catering, no Freebirds (what is their excuse), a bar of soap, Drew Carey (again cause the live crowd loves celeb inductions), Brett Wayne Sawyer and the main star Teijo Khan.

  7. Drew b says:

    Very little footage from their successful 1995, 1996 run

  8. AK says:

    Well the Bushwhackers did appear in that one episode of Family Matters. I’m pretty sure Vince saw it for the first time the other day and was so impressed that he gleefully green-lit the Bushwhackers induction into the HOF. I do look forward to their induction speech. I wonder if it will last longer than most of their matches.

    All kidding aside, a Friend and I have had many discussions about who we feel should be inducted into the HOF. His arguments usually revolved around what said individual(s) accomplished in Professional Wrestling such as titles, victories and the type of accomplishments that would get you inducted into most other Professional Sports Hall of Fames. I feel that it’s the contribution and impact in Professional Wrestling that should get individuals inducted since these could also include title runs and the like.

    He’d look at the Bushwhackers as ineligible for the HOF and I can see why. They were practically an enhancement talent tag-team that basically served as comedy relief, this is of course if we draw from their WWF run. Beyond Vince McMahon land, they made a name for themselves much differently and the WWE has in the past, what with all the footage they now own in their library have touched on wrestlers’ careers beyond their WWF/E contributions.

    Love them or hate them, just about anybody who watched the WWF in the late 80s and early 90s is familiar with the Bushwhackers. I don’t know if their merchandise flew off the shelves but there was definitely a lot of it, plus I remember one time at Toys R’ Us when I was shopping for new figures, there were plenty of Hulk Hogans, Macho Mans, Andre the Giants to name a few but the hook for the Bushwhackers figures were sold out. They did still have Demolition and the Rockers (who I ended up purchasing that day).

    That’s the “beauty” of the WWE Hall of Fame. Induction isn’t based on Wins/Titles but contributions to the business so I’m okay with the Bushwhackers going in. They were saddled with a gimmick that had next to zero chance of being taken as legitimate competitors for anything beyond being squash match fodder but the Bushwhackers went out there and gave it their all, so kudos to them and their induction

    • Vince B says:

      Well if we’re talking people who moved merchandise, Boss Man definitely deserves a Hall of Fame spot and Mr. Perfect too (if he doesn’t already have one).

  9. Jimbolian says:

    Oh god, I just had a horrible realization; Doink going to the Hall Of Fame 2016.

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, so? Heel Doink was a damn fine gimmick, and Borne was one of the best wrestlers the WWE had at the time, period. He could go hold for hold with Bret Hart any day, and I found his mat wrestling more entertaining than Hart’s. Borne worked his ASS off with that gimmick, too, giving it far more credibility than it ever should have.

      • Jimbolian says:

        Oh don’t get me wrong, heel Doink was great. But when they potentially induct him, I got a feeling they’ll focus on the face version (played by Steve Keirn aka Skinner) and dreadfully have Dink induct him.

  10. Crocodile Dundee says:

    Koko B. Ware is officially not the worst “superstar” in the HOF anymore!

  11. Mister Forth says:

    Love how they acted like they were teasing when The Ascension were referencing it.

  12. Al says:

    I just hope they do their entire speech while constantly flailing their arms and stomping rhythmically.

    • Scrooge McSuck says:

      An in character speech would be awesome…

      Butch: Woah!
      :Luke: YEAH!!!!
      Butch: Are we happy about being inductees Cousin Luke?!?!
      Luke: Oh yeah Cousin Butch! WOOOAH!
      Butch: YEEEYAH!

      For about 5 seconds.

  13. Sean Bateman says:

    Those clips showcase what happened to poor old Lord Alfred and Mean Gene. Now, I am gonna go watch Lord Alfred and the ‘wackers do some home improvements now on YouTube, if it is on YouTube.

  14. Doc 902714 says:

    I heard they were inducting the Bushwhackers for HOF 2015 because it would kill the buzz of the Killer Bees getting in there

  15. The Dread Baron says:

    Keep in mind that they also are 26 time tag team champions which is nothing to scoff at even if you didn’t like their toned down goofy gimmick form their twilight years. Think of it this way, the Sheepherders paved the way for Terry Funk and Cactus JJack while as the Bushwhackers they paved the way for the hardcore goofball Mankind.

  16. Greg says:

    The haters can eat me. The Bushwhackers were a fun, goofy time. Yeah, they were pretty much comedy relief, but that’s ok. They played their characters to a tee, and that’s what mattered.

  17. Doc75 says:

    i heard recently that Butch had really gotten himself into some bad health issuez. he lost a lot of weight n has to walk around now with a cane. but i dont doubt that he’ll still do the usual mannerismz at the show they were known for.

  18. maverickeric says:

    oh hell let outback jack induct them- might be funny

  19. Anonymous says:

    Smarks like to hate on The Bushwackers, but those guys were ENTERTAINING.

    GREAT gimmicks, tons of charisma.

    Wrestling is not a gymnastics exhibition, but try telling that to the Dave Meltzer or the IWC.

  20. Jack S says:

    About the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame seeing some of these celebrities in it piss me off. If an ass like Drew Carey or washed up Arnold Schwarzenegger can get in for doing nothing then induct some guys who actually love the business and have contributed to it like ICP I mean they actually wrestled and they run their own wrestling company I don’t care what people say about them or their music, but if you look at any celebrities that have actually done something for the business then Insane Clown Posse definitely deserve a spot and I say do it when Wrestlemania hits Detroit because that will sell tickets there.

  21. MistaMaddog says:

    Remember when the IWC complained about celeberties being inducted instead of legendary wrestlers? Well I hope you got your BLOODY wish….

    (PS I still laugh at their power walking)

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