It Came From YouTube: King Konga is here! Be afraid… P.S- He’s The Barbarian.

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Crapper Paul S. made my day by finding this clip and writing:

He’s 6’5″ of Killer Instinct! 320 lbs of death in his fist! He’s King Konga!

But who is the diabolical mastermind is behind him coming to Memphis?

Note: King Konga’s the Barbarian of “Faces of Fear” and “Powers of Pain” fame. He’s still kicking ass on the indy scene and even took part in last year’s Chikara King of Trios.

The Barbarian has one of the best laughs ever.

Also, I like his face paint.

Thanks for the submission, Paul.

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: King Konga is here! Be afraid… P.S- He’s The Barbarian."
  1. Greg says:

    Man, he is ROCKING that Mr. T cut.

    Would have never guessed he’s from the same place as Haku. When he was in the WWE, he physically never looked very Polynesian.

  2. kmtown says:

    1. JJ Dillon found his inner King Curtis in this promo…

    2. Jimmy Hart’s “nip it in the bud” is the best since Barney Fife…

  3. Mister Forth says:

    Memphis always seemed to be the place that made even stuff that looked absurd on paper into stuff you wanted to see.

  4. hobu0 says:

    Do you think young kids who’ve grown up watching wrestling for say the past 10 years will have fond sentimental memories of like, Matt Morgan the way I do The Barbarian??

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