It Came From YouTube: John Cena wants you to buy a razor really bad!

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Crapper Justin Cook submitted this commercial and writes:

John Cena in a Gillete commercial. I don’t remember ever seeing him with a beard, so this commercial is really odd to me.

Boy, John Cena screaming at me like a maniac makes me really want to buy this razor!

Okay, not really…

Geez, switch to Decaf, John!

But thanks for the submission anyway, Justin.

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7 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: John Cena wants you to buy a razor really bad!"
  1. RhineStoneCowboy says:

    There was also the one he hits Vince with a chair.

    • Paul R. from says:

      I remember that one. It was awesome! Much better than this “crazy John cena” one.

  2. Two Count Kev says:

    Now just imagine that was Angry Jim Ross yelling at you to use Gillete!

  3. John says:

    It’s a odd pick for a spokesman considering Cena’s fanbase is comprised of kids to young to shave. And wouldn’t most wrestlers (sorry Vince, sports entertainers) be more comfortable showing how to blade since razors are the product.(Oh right Vince no more color, just like fan friendly 1995)

  4. Paul says:

    Justin: Of course you’ve never seen him with a beard. He takes THE PRO GLIDE CHALLENGE every morning.

  5. Raven7309 says:

    3 Questions:
    1. Who the hell shaves in a public men’s room (besides the homeless, of course)?
    2. What’s Cena got against those poor, defenseless stall doors and that garbage can?
    3. Doesn’t Cena know that Hogan beat him to the punch 20 years ago with his commercial for men’s toiletries: Right Guard deodarant: “A true artist is known for his inspiration, not his perspiration”.

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