It Came From YouTube: John Cena makes his pecs dance to plug garbage bags.

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Here’s one of the new John Cena Hefty trash bag commercials in which he makes his pecs flex as they (?) say the Hefty, Hefty, Hefty chant (?!).

The woman’s reaction to this is just the icing on the Stupid Cake.

I find this whole commercial deeply disturbing and it really does not make me want to buy their garbage bags…

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15 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: John Cena makes his pecs dance to plug garbage bags."
  1. John C says:

    I only buy trash bags that are endorsed by Don…Don Mason, or maybe Duke The Dumpster Droese.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      See, we knew our Crappers are a smarter bunch than most! 🙂 Fine young eggs, all of you!

  2. JyriErik says:

    Personally, when it comes to trash bags, I prefer the recommendations of the master of “Trash baggin’ it” himself, Blade Braxton.

  3. Sean O says:

    Cena now stole Chris Masters’ gimmick!

  4. John C says:

    So will this lead to a new Wrestlecrap Radio segment, John Cena’s Trip to the Grocery Store?

  5. Geoff says:

    You young’uns today, you don’t know what’s good (raises cane in the air) why when I was your age, all we had were wrestlers like Andre the Giant, the Warlord, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior and maybe tag teams like Demolition and the Bushwackers. They weren’t selling no gosh darn trash bags, or any DX merchandise or any of that fancy schmancy stuff whatcahamahoo calls it. No, all they sold were ice cream bars and bland ones at that with outlines of your favorite wrestlers none of who you gave a rat’s arse about like Don Muraco, the Genius and Randy Savage (well maybe him). And NO colors. NO colors. Can you imagine that? We had to walk 5 miles to the nearest grocery outlet uphill both ways, sometimes snow, sometimes rain, sometimes dry heat to a 7-11 which may or may not have carried it depending on the day the shipments came in. And since the neighborhood was shifty, shady and rundown (I mean every other car on the block was a mercedes but was up on jacks), mama didn’t trust noone and so told us to not talk to strangers even each other so we had to skedaddle home right away and if it was a dry heat, the ice creams would melt by the time we got home. And still no colors. You young-uns. You have it good with your trash bags and DX merchandize and all that stuff….

  6. Jimbolian says:

    For 1/8th the price, they could’ve gotten Chris Masters.

  7. Doc 902714 says:

    John Cena’s in this commercial, you say? Well I couldn’t see him.

  8. CP says:

    Saw another one recently. Rob Schneider’s star must have fallen pretty far to where he’s playing second fiddle to John Cena in a commercial.

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