It Came From YouTube: Owen Hart turns heel and flubs his big interview

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This is Owen’s post-Royal Rumble 1994 interview.

I can’t help but feel bad for Owen. It’s his big post-heel-turn interview, and he screws it up.

I mean, this is something dumb that I would do!

I think it just made me like him even more in the long-run.

What a great whiney heel he was. Way more interesting than his previous baby face run.

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11 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Owen Hart turns heel and flubs his big interview"
  1. John says:

    Oh Lord whenever I see Todd Pettingzoo I just want to kick his leg out of his leg.

  2. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    This never fails to make me smile.

  3. Down With OPC says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like legs, so I added a leg to your leg so you can kick your leg out of your leg!

  4. James says:

    God bless you Owen. I liked him in all but it appears adlibbing wasnt what he was best at. Atleast you’re still making people smile after all these years 🙂

  5. Greg says:

    I once had the leg kicked out of my leg.

    It hurt like leg…

  6. Rose Harmon says:

    The video wasn’t even as funny as Greg’s comment up there.

  7. Paul R. from says:

    You know, when Owen or one of the others from that era (Sid, Lex Luger) flubs their lines, it’s funny. When someone in WWE or TNA does it now, it’s cringe-inducing. Funny how having a personality can make such a difference 🙂

  8. goofball says:

    I once was a wrestler like you, then my leg was kicked out from my leg

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