It Came From YouTube: Hulk Hogan sings in a weird Japanese Air Conditioner commercial

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Oh, this is a good one; Crappers!

In this Japanese commercial we have Hulk Hogan who appears to be in heaven (?) wearing nothing but white shorts and a white bandana.

He sings a happy little song about the days of the week (??) while we see a baby (???) and a woman talks about the Hitachi Bigflow air conditioner.

At least I assume that’s what she’s talking about.

I can’t say for sure.

She might be talking about the best way to prepare Sushi for all I know. Given how random this commercial is, I really wouldn’t be surprised…

The air conditioner must help Hulk cool off and relax after a long day of singing so he can smile and watch someone else’s baby who is also in heaven with him.

You might be asking yourself “What do Hulk Hogan, a baby, heaven, and a song about the days of the week have to do with an air conditioner”?

The answer is “Nothing” and that’s what makes this ad so wonderful.

Man, I freaking love Japanese commercials. We sure don’t get commercials this strange and cool (no pun intended) in the U.S, that’s for sure.

I will now have that song stuck in my head for days.

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9 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Hulk Hogan sings in a weird Japanese Air Conditioner commercial"
  1. Mr. Glen says:

    The funniest thing is that the first sentence displayed on the screen reads:
    ‘Wellness feels good.’
    Considering the Hulkster’s association with substances that weren’t exactly in line with the current wellness policy, this was a little ironic.
    (Note: believe it or not, they were talking about air conditioning.)

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Oh, great! You understand/speak Japanese! Cool! Could you transcribe all the text, and what the woman is saying for us please? I’d appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Mr. Glen says:

    Not only can I speak Japanese, I am studying to be a translator. 🙂
    Are you sure you want me to put the translation up? It might make your original post less humorous!

  3. Mr. Glen says:

    Righto. Alas, no talk of sushi or of being in heaven.
    Female voice 1:
    1) Hitachi’s Hosonaga air conditioner is quiet, smooth and produces clean air every time you use it. It makes you feel good within yourself.
    Female voice 2:
    1) This can be worked out by English speakers. It simply says Hitachi Big Flow: Wellness. I am guessing that this is related to the range of air conditioners that Hitachi was peddling at that time and some bullshit Japenglish phrase they were promoting to make their air con units look ‘cool’ (no pun intended) and ‘western’.
    Screen text:
    1) To feel well is to feel good. (I went with ‘Wellness feels good’ initially as that is the literal translation and quite funny when you think about the Hulkster’s relationship with wellness as defined by Vince these days. However, if I showed that to my translation lecturer, he would hang me out to dry! The sentence I used would seem more natural to a native English speaker)
    2) Text above the box: This model eliminates both mould and dust mites.
    Text in box: It also reduces humidity by 50%. (Yet again, they use a Japenglish phrase ‘Housedry 50%’ which is a bit odd so I assumed it was referring to humidity which in a Japanese summer is brutal).

  4. Jim Joker says:

    Why does Hulk think there are two Thursdays in a week?

  5. J says:

    Am i the only who got a kick out of the Japaneses talking tiny toons at the end of the commercial

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