It Came From YouTube: Hillbilly Jim loves him some WWF Ice Cream Bars!

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YEE-HAW! After a tough day of wrestling with his hound dog Jasper, there’s nothing that Hillbilly Jim likes more than a delicious WWF Ice Cream Bar!

Not even the appallingly redneck Hillbilly Jim can keep me from wanting one of these tasty treats.

Look! They even put him on one of the bars!

Hillbilly Jim WWF ice cream bar!

I bet that URL’s taken by a very unique fetish site…

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13 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Hillbilly Jim loves him some WWF Ice Cream Bars!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    sadly, CM Punk still does not have his own ice cream

  2. John C says:

    Mr. Brooks was offered a product line from a fertility clinic, it was to be named CM Spunk.

  3. EWA Beach Boy says:

    Color me shocked. I didn’t know they had refrigeration much less electricity in Mudlick, KY.

  4. EWA Beach Boy says:

    Did Hillbilly really call the ice cream bar a ‘little booger’?

  5. Barronmore says:

    They actually let him use the word “booger” to describe the icecream…wow…

    can’t wait to get me some of that….

  6. Geoff says:

    I remember those. I’m actually old enough to remember those. I don’t remember trying them but I remember that commercial when it actually aired on TV and not Youtube and I remember reading about those bars in early WWF magazines. I’m sure like Hillbilly himself, his ice cream bar is a little bland and backwoodsy. I’m not sure what backwoodsy tastes like and I don’t want to be the first to find out.

  7. AK says:

    I also remember these. (Yay for being old!….) Anyways, I never got a chance to try one. When I was vacationing in Florida, the Publix did carry them and I know I pleaded with my parents to buy them but if memory serves me correctly they were quite expensive like $5 per bar.

    This was back in the early 90s. I’d hate to see what they’d go for today. I’d also hate to see what a bar today would look like if someone was crazy enough to hold onto one after all these years.

    Would make a Great Somebody Bought This Though..

  8. CP says:

    I had one from the most recent line of bars they put out which would be c.1996 or 1997. Was pretty good.

  9. Christopher P says:

    I remember in 1993 I would search all my grocery stores in Northeast Ohio in hopes of finding these Ice Cream bars that had a Bret Hart and The Undertaker on them. Never found them…

  10. Don Townsend says:

    I remember these very well. They were good but I was a kid at the time so pretty much any ice cream was good. But they had a unique hook……..A cookie front (where the wrestler design was) the vanilla ice cream middle and a chocolate shell back.

    Plus the box came with a cut out trading card of whoever was on the bar. WWE would make another fortune if they started doing that again. Maybe even spice things up with distinct flavors for wrestlers……like Lunatic Fringe Vanilla for Dean Ambrose or just have a rainbow swirled one for New Day. Seriously couldn’t be as absurd as Booty-O’s cereal.

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