It Came from YouTube: Heidenreich vs. “Doink” at GOLDEN CORRAL

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Not many things in wrestling can leave me speechless, but this pair battling at an honest to goodness GOLDEN CORRAL would be one of them.

Need your thoughts below, people.

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31 Responses to "It Came from YouTube: Heidenreich vs. “Doink” at GOLDEN CORRAL"
  1. Babatunde says:

    20 minutes of Heidenreich and a fake Doink? This is like The Ring, isn’t it? I’m going to watch this and be dead before the week is out, aren’t I?

  2. Andrew says:

    Looks like Doink spent too much time at the buffet. Wonder which Doink this is, he sounds like a redneck.

    • Caveman says:

      Maybe it’s Steve Lombardi, he allegedly got fired due to eating the whole buffet at RAW after all.

  3. Jimbolian says:

    No wonder Michelle McCool called it THE Doink the Clown in that SNME induction from a few years ago. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known who’s the real Doink.

  4. JustAGuyGuy says:

    I don’t think it’s a good takeaway that my first thought is “O’Charleys has a new logo?”

  5. Ian Feuerhake says:

    This took place about a mile from where I live. They were advertising it for weeks all over the place. It was a free thing to benefit Camp Corral. I’m not sure who the guy is who plays Doink, but he swears he has WWF pay stubs from being Doing at one time.

  6. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Well, at least those people didn’t have to eat there! Thank goodness for small favors. I’d rather gnaw on a Whoopie Cushion.

  7. Sean Bateman says:

    At least this is a little better than Heidenreich “raping” Maggle Cole!

  8. I can see it now.

    *wavy fade-in dream sequence*

    Golden Corral Manager: How about wrestling for us here at the Golden Corral?

    Heindenreich & “Doink”: Hell no!

    Golden Corral Manager: You get all you can eat food for free.

    Heidenreich & “Doink” (after checking their wallets to see that they have no money): WE’LL TAKE IT!!!

    *wavy fade-out dream sequence*

  9. OPC says:

    Well SOMEBODY has to compete with Steak ‘N Shake!

  10. Richard Phillips says:

    Well, I could have had a happy life without seeing that.

  11. Geoff says:

    And Scott Steiner owning a Shoney’s isn’t enough anymore?

  12. Big Daddy Strong says:

    um, can’t do it. tapped out at 4:41. Between “DoinKKK” the Redneck Clown sounding like Early Cuyler and looking like 10 pounds of monkey crap in a five pound bag and Heidenreich coming out of a delapidated camper trailer to a butchered version of LOD’s theme music and looking like Kane ate Guy Feirier…..Freiri….Ferrari?

    aww who cares? you know who I’m talking about. and this all went down in the parking lot of the food district. wow. what a wasted opportunity. they could have done it indoors and had a Buffet Brawl. they could have made history using mashed potatoes and fried okra as foreign objects. they wouldn’t have to worry about grabbing brass rings….they could have grabbed golden rings…..made out of onions.

  13. Paul says:

    Here’s the damage:

    A half-assed attempt at a Buh Buh Ray heat generating promo, with a dab of Trump, by Ba Doink-a-Doink. It was oddly PG, especially given how often Heidenreich promised to kill him throughout the match.

    Hair pulling and eye gouging complaints in a street fight.

    A plant car destroyed by obvious attempts at destroying thr car rather than injuring the opponent.

    Heidenreich strokes a pipe seductively while claiming it’s his friend, which brings a call for the two to get a hotel room from a man in the crowd.

    The booker is often and obviously calling the match as it goes on.

    Heidenreich no sells the damage in the go home phase by talking about Twitter and Facebook with someone in the crowd.

    Worst big boot ever and this one is Old Yellered.

  14. Jay douros says:

    Doink gained so much weight he looks like Mabel doink from survivor series

  15. Mister Forth says:

    Well this is great on the site.

  16. Doc75 says:

    so Heidenreich had a rematch against the sane badly out of shape Doink from several yearz back?

  17. saintstryfe says:

    I’m not the only person from a civilized part of the country who thinks that a mass-market buffet sounds absolutely disgusting BEFORE you throw washed-up wrestlers into it, right?

  18. Oh my God. How can anyone sit through the whole video!?

  19. Peter Smith says:

    I swear I can hear jeff Foxworthy setting up some mean “You Might be a Redneck if…” jokes right about now. And by the way that’s not doink, that’s Dunk(in’ Donuts) The Clown

  20. Kid from Iowa says:

    Matt Bourne is turning in his grave.

  21. Nathan Tasker says:

    Next Week: Duke the Dumpster vs The Barbarian @Walgreens. Fill your Rx while wrestlers fight in the incontinent aisle..

  22. ReaganS says:

    “Doink” is a south Alabama based promoter, who seemingly main events his own cards under the Doink persona to job to the more familiar “special guests”. That particular Golden Corral is less than 5 minutes from my home. I actually did a ring-announcing gig for him (at a seedy local bar), and the “cue cards” consisted of hastily scribbled and misspelled names and hometowns.

    • RD Reynolds says:

      That sounds absolutely amazing. Would pay top dollar (as in, a single dollar) on eBay for those cards.

      • ReaganS says:

        Ha!! If I’d only known that about 15 years ago. Another funny (and sadly true) tale of said event:
        The event was promoted as a “legends night”. And, granted, it stood faithful to that claim. Several southeastern pro wrestling “stars” were in attendance, including local legend Mike “Hippy” Boyette (who had a run in Universal Wrestling Federation in the mid 1980s), and one of the Wild Samoans (whom I understand resides on the panhandle of Florida…i.e., not far away.)
        As the consummate (hah) professional that I am (or was), I devised a short introduction to segue from a match into the legends’ in-ring appreciation ceremony. I cooked up something along the lines of “Professional wrestling wouldn’t be where it is today without these guys…”, and the referee/sound and light tech/usual ring announcer gave me a rather reluctant nod of approval.
        However, as I stood in the ring prepared to give my spill, the same referee/sound and light tech/usual ring announcer decided to keep the microphone for himself and unabashedly steal my speech, verbatim. Like the majority of the audience in attendance, my eyes became bloodshot…not from over indulging in alcohol, but rather of all-consuming rage.

  23. Harry Beaver says:

    Holly crap. That might be the saddest thing I have ever seen. I mean a guys gotta work…. but damn. I don’t think I could take doing that for a living. At some point you gotta decide that enough us enough and hang up the boots.

  24. Jimbolian says:

    BTW, I’m calling this Gooker of the Year 2016.

  25. Dave says:


  26. TheDog says:

    Out of shape Heidenreich with a scratchy CD version of the LoD theme wrestling a Doink that looks like he ate Matt Osbourne in a failed attempt to gain his power in front of a Golden Corral is pathetic.

    That poor bastard has wins over Undertaker and teamed with Animal of the Legion of Doom, and now he’s reduced to THIS?

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