It Came From YouTube: Hector Guerrero defends The Gobbledy Gooker

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Today we get to cover one of our favorite topics yet again here at WrestleCrap- The Gobbledy Gooker and his infamous debut at the 1990 Survivor Series!

“It’s for the kids!” says Hector Guerrero; the man who donned the turkey outfit that fateful Survivor Series night so many years ago.

Okay, fair enough… except the kids hated it!

It’s not like the youngsters were jumping up and down clapping and cheering when he square danced to “Turkey In The Straw” with Mean Gene!

The wee tots hated it just as much as the rest of us who were watching this train-wreck live on Pay-Per-View!

Which goes to show you that kids aren’t as stupid (or easily amused) as WWE thinks they are!

Kids deserve better than The Gobbledy Gooker!

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Hector Guerrero defends The Gobbledy Gooker"
  1. John says:

    It’s funny Cena can say the same thing about his ring style.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      The difference is that Cena is massively over with the kids and sells a ton of merchandise.

      • John says:

        However can Cena say that he was the inspiration for a website that has entertained at least a dozen or so people throughout the years. Even though I do enjoy mocking Cena one of best friends met him this weekend and said he was a genuine nice guy to talk out. Damn you Cena can’t you be a prick so I won’t feel so bad hating your character so much now.

  2. Matt Soileau says:

    What do you expect the poor dude to say? It’s his biggest claim to fame other than being Eddie’s brother…

  3. Sean Bateman says:

    I shown this to RD and Blade via Facebook

  4. Escape says:

    I was 9 yrs old in 1990 and I thought the Gooker sucked when he debuted at Series. So disappointed it wasn’t a new wrestler coming out of the egg. After the payperview, all the wrestling kids at school talked about the Undertaker and Hogan/Warrior winning the grand survival match (which in retrospect was almost more of a farce than the Gooker).

  5. gutterhippo says:

    You know, I recently watched Survivor Series 1990, and the Gooker segment was a lot of fun. The way it was introduced was what led to the boos, but I see it as being just as harmless as when Santa Claus celebrated in the ring with Bret Hart a few years later.

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