It Came From YouTube: Hardy vs Hardy The Final Deletion

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So this happened…and it was the greatest thing RD Reynolds has ever seen, all time, all my life.

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  1. Brother Nero Cage says:


  2. JustAGuyGuy says:


  3. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Apparently, TNA aren’t content to be the poor man’s WWE, they also want to be the poor man’s Lucha Underground.
    My only complaint is the finish, which ranks up there with Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt from TLC 2014 as one of the most nonsensical. Other than that, I was entertained.

  4. Slapps says:

    Im not gonna waste any more of my life watching anything involving these idiots.

    Cliff notes anyone?

  5. Kev says:

    There is literally no point in watching wrestling anymore. What we have just witnessed is the high water mark of the entire business. It will never get more amazing than this feud has been.

  6. John says:

    Anyone else notice that they actually dyed Maxel’s hair to have the skunk stripe like Matt?

  7. DarthPitch says:

    “Vangaurd”? Apparently, TNA is doing so badly that Dixie can’t afford spell check.

  8. scott muller says:

    This was amazing. Being a fan of corny acting, such like in Haggard, I highly enjoyed this blow off

  9. GeneMean says:

    Señor Benjamin, King Mazel, and Vanguard 1 for TNA Hall of Fame.

  10. Sir Cheese says:


    I will be laughing about that comment for days!

  11. Kenneth Wise says:

    To quote Bobby Henann: “I don’t understand anything anymore.”

  12. Peter says:


  13. John C says:

    No flying baby, no exploding boat, no one eyed midget. It was too underwhelming but I don’t want to drone on and on.

  14. Shockwave says:

    I have no words, this is Type 5 Wrestlecrap crazy. It makes Shockmaster seem like the angle of the decade. If this doesn’t win Gooker, I don’t know what will.

  15. Doc75 says:

    i saw the graveyard match between Vampiro against The Demon. i saw the junkyard rumble featuring too many people to mention. i sat thru the kennel from hell match between Al Snow against the Big Bossman. i watched every episode of Wrestling Society X. they fall in comparison to this craziness.

  16. Chris says:

    I look at this like some people look at the Adam West Batman show. If you look at it like it’s supposed to be serious, it’s insane and awful. Knowing that the shows a comedy, you appreciate it’s brilliance. I think the Hardys know exactly what they’re doing, and the lunacy of this program is exactly what they’re going for. You can’t film that clip of Matt on the lawnmower thinking it’s supposed to be serious. There’s just no way. Their last fued in WWE tried to be this crazy, what with Matt trying to kill Jeff and claiming he burned his house down. For whatever reason, this is what they want to go for when they fued. Definitely a matter of taste, but I tip my cap to it. You can’t call it boring, and I was personally entertained

  17. Barronmore says:

    Win the Gooker? Heck, I think this is so Craptastic it could replace the Gooker! We could have our first ever “Nero” award winner right here!

    TNA you have outdone yourselves!

    • JimbobJones says:

      If this is even nominated for a Gooker, then I give up on Wrestlecrap, because this video was awesome. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll likely beat the concept to death (and subsequent videos will undoubtedly be Gooker-worthy), but this one was so intentionally off the wall that it strikes the same chord as the original Doink the Clown rather than anything that should get a Gooker.

      Basically, if this gets a Gooker, then everything in Lucha Underground should get one as well.

  18. Brian Lichner says:

    1) Jeff Hardy spends countless hours every week cutting his lawn into elaborate tribal tattoo patterns.

    2) Did the drone ring the doorbell? How on earth did it manage to reach it?

    3) That xylophone was EXTRAORDINARY, Senor Benjamin.

    4) Playing a violin badly makes Jeff Hardy appear like Candyman.

    I don’t know how you can possibly consider this Gooker material. 20 minutes of McMahons putting themselves over every week has me changing the channel on RAW, but there’s no way you can turn away from this. It is hypnotic in its wonderful badness.

  19. YourFriendlyNeighborhoodBrotherNero says:

    bruva neyroe

    i nu yud cum

  20. Sid Eudy says:

    And this is going to help TNA how? Laughable, man….

    • Si says:

      Impact’s best viewing figures in a lot more than a year, and comfortably the most talked about TNA storyline since… Hogan left, maybe? Ultima Lucha started last last night and there’s been practically no discussion about it compared to this.

  21. Barronmore says:

    Exactly. This doesn’t help TNA at all. The best they will get out if this is a i.e. week ratings boost,but I doubt even that. I watched this whole saga here on Wrestlecrap. Others have watched it on the rag sheet sites. Did anyone go to TNAs website to watch it? This matched produced no gate, no new viewers that will stay to watch and I doubt they will have any significant ratings bump. It did produce debt…vids like this cost money…

    This doesn’t help the Hardy’s. Sure, I was entertained…but for all the wrong reasons. I thought Matt was a joke before…now I know he his. I still find Jeff as boring as ever. That match was painful to watch in soooo many ways. the worst part was I’m convinced they filmed and spliced the match because neither is in any real shape to produce a 4 star match in front of a live arena.

    This was so bad, imho, it transcends the Gooker. There should be a new award here at wrestlecrap that transcends normal levels of crap and is more like a “lifetime achievement award” for things that are soooo bad, yet sooo good you can’t stop watching.

    Think of it…this was soooo Craptastic that wrestlecrap live tweeted it. NOTHING in the last 5 years has made anyone at wrestlecrap actually care to watch a TNA broadcast…except this. THAT in itself deserves a reward.

    • Caveman says:

      If we had TNA on TV here, I’d watch TNA just for these segments. Brilliantly entertaining.

      Although the July 4th RAW kinda was as well, with the party and all the other shenanigans that reminded me of the “New Generation” where Dirty White Boy as a Plumber ate Jerry Lawler’s turd in the heel swimming pool.

  22. John Q Occupier says:

    Well, that’s seventeen minutes of my life I’m not getting back.

    Am I missing the joke or something?

  23. Alexandru says:

    Well this was something else. Definitely going to have to check your brain at the door on this and take it for what it is: Batshit craziness. Is this amazingly idiotic? Yes. Better than anything involving the Mcmahons the last 16 years? Oh Hell Yeah! I’m not even a Hardy fan but I’ll give them props as they were given complete freedom in this storyline (a novel concept to be sure).

  24. DCGMoo says:

    RIP Senor Benjamin.

  25. Barronmore says:

    Senior Benjiman is this generations “Cheetam”. In another 15-20 years we’ll finally get that Senior Benjiman interview giving us all the inside info were begging for…

  26. Brad says:

    “Broken” Matt Hardy kind of reminds me of Kevin Sullivan….if he were played by Richard Burton

  27. nickca says:

    This transcends the Black Scorpion, the Shockmaster, the Gooker, the Kennel from Hell… this is the absolute essence of Wrestlecrap. Rename the Gooker to the Nero. We are blessed to live in an era to witness this. If TNA was all this all the time, I’d watch it every week.

  28. Brother Nero Cage says:

    man look at GIF. Matt’s easily the most over the top delusional heel since King Booker. I think people are forgetting something about the Hardys. They were right smack dab in the middle of the Attitude Era and were young enough then to still be actively wrestling. Miraculously neither one ended up crippled or dead considering their lifestyles.

    My point is this is reminiscent of AE material. It’s a little heavy on the comedy (whether intentional or not) but all that was missing was a run in by Lita and good ol JR calling it. That’s what the business needs is more creativity and more boldness. Honestly this beats anything I’ve seen out of the WWE from the past few years. Maybe if WWE had Roman Reigns Superman punching drones out of the sky he would have gotten over instead of WWE just telling everybody that’s who they want us to cheer for.

    This is what I think wrestling should be. Entertaining. not boring and predictable. and yeah it’s probably WrestleCrap but there’s good and bad WC. I think this is the good kind.

    • John C says:

      Excellent points. It’s hard to just say that it was good or bad in a usual context since it was so different. The match itself was staged like a movie fight scene (flashbacks included to look like Saw) and given a unique look. At least they tried doing something outside of the box but they could use someone with them to be a better editor and take out the clunky feel of things. Mad Matt out scavaging the wastelands (of Carolina) for fuel for the lawnmower would be epic.

      • Barronmore says:

        ” Mad Matt out scavenging the wastelands (of Carolina) for fuel for the lawnmower would be epic.”

        Oh…that would have been the best. Matt lost in Kudzu trying to find a can of gas…plenty of kudzu and dilapidated houses (apparently missing their boat) being torn apart by kudzu for this too work. Probably only have to go next door to find it too! The Kudzu wastelands of Carolina are everywhere.

    • Guest says:

      I’ve never know there to be good wrestlecrap (outside of the inductions and what not ) just plain bad.

      And this is muy malo wrestlecrap.

  29. Tom Hastings says:

    WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? This is like the massive pile up on the freeway. You know people are hurting but cannot help but look anyway. And yes like everyone else I watched it here not on TNA site or poop tv. They should have had some drunken bikers from Sturgis to really get across the idea of wasted money and time. God this was bad, perhaps the worst thing in wrestling I’ve ever seen. It was just so painful to watch. At some point suspension of disbelief doesn’t work. This is the Plan 9 From Outer Space of wrestling. So, so, so bad. And yes we should have a new award The Nero.

  30. nickca says:

    I can’t stop watching this. Matt’s face projecting out of the drone is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Say what you will about this, I haven’t been this entertained by pro wrestling in many a year.

  31. Jimbolian says:

    This my friends, is the greatest tribute to all the early 1990’s WCW vignettes such as The White Castle of Fear, Spin The Wheel, and Bash At The Beach ’93.

  32. ChrisV says:

    This is exactly the Plan 9 From Outer Space of wrestling! So bad that it’s fun to watch.
    The biggest difference is that there is not any way TNA expected us to take this seriously.They were purposely going for over the top. You can’t watch this expecting something serious. You have to watch it as you would a B-movie.

  33. Ray says:

    I don’t think it deserves the Gooker. The angle is meant to be bad; bad on the levels of hilarious B movies. TNA was aiming for so bad its good thing with this whole storyline and it has succeed.

  34. Barronmore says:

    Well, that’s why many of us now want to see the ‘Nero’ as a new ‘honor’ here at Wrestlecrap.

    Here’s the thing….yes, this is more entertaining then anything i’ve seen in ages from Pro Wrestling, but…are we laughing WITH or are we laughing AT the Hardy’s? IF were laughing with, then yes, there should be no Gooker honors (though an induction is more then appropriate). But if were laughing AT it…which i know i am…then yes, it’s Gooker worthy…and best of all…it’s a humorous entry again. So many Gookers recently have really highlighted the worst of wresting as an industry…not as silly angles designed to get us to part with our money. Rather it’s the Exploitation of Eddie Guerrero or the brass ring comments from a few years ago we’ve had a string of serious (and seriously bad) Gooker winners. I’d love to see something a bit more lighthearted yet terrible.

    But can something be entertaining, yet crap? I think so. While i’m enjoying this ‘one off’ with the Hardy’s, i’d hate to see this every week. My favorite modern angle was the gay wedding of Billy and Chuck. I thought it was brilliant. I loved every moment (of the wedding itself…the lead-up was TERRIBLE)…even the scooby doo Bishoff reveal. But it was crap. Entertaining…but crap.

    I disagree with you that it’s succeeded…i think the jury is still out. At the end of the day this should do something for TNA. If they can keep the ratings boost, then it’s succeeded. If it drives people to buy tickets and pay per views to see the Hardy’s then its’ succeeded. If it drives more people to mock TNA and convinces them to stay farther away from the product then it’s not succeeded. I think we’ll see what happens…it’s much like the Fandango will take time to play out.

    • Brother Nero Cage says:

      I’d say laughing with it. They know it’s not serious, it’s almost like performance art. It was their intention to basically make fun of themselves (especially Matt) and the business in general yet they didn’t sacrifice the match to get the joke across.

      we’ve seen that in the past from both WCW, WWE, and TNA where the match was the punchline. the Fingerpoke of Doom……..the European title match where HBK laid down for Triple H who ran the ropes several times before gently covering him for the pin. .Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at WM. It’s supposed to be bizarre and have people reacting to it.

      listen, the fans’ passion for the business is way down. WWE has their own agenda and they answer to stockholders now. TNA bet on the wrong horses with Hogan and Bischoff. I miss the days of ECW with the wild fans and unpredictability. I miss the wild characters of the 80s, I miss the cross over appeal of the NWO and the Attitude Era stars before they were legends.

      just about every wrestler says their main goal is to entertain the fans whether there’s 5 or 5000 people in the crowd. I feel like they accomplished that. It was this kind of boldness that helped WWF overcome WCW, before they decided everything had to be controlled down to a molecular level. Sometimes it didn’t work but a lot of times it did. one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be hard not to remember this one.

  35. J says:

    I am going to be honest I thought they said brother Negro at first

  36. CARL ZAYAS says:

    When WWE eventually buys the TNA tape library, and WWE 2k does the Hardy Boyz showcase, I hope this is the final match. I can’t wait!

  37. SCLSCL says:

    So bad, yet absolutely superb.


    On the one hand, so awful and craptastic that you can’t but laugh at it, on the other hand I found it entertaining and actually think well played the Hardys for doing something different! I’ve been sharing the link with friends who are casual wrestling fans and they’ve loved it!

    Not saying that every match / feud should be like this, but if WWE / TNA tried some other radical things instead of the boring same old same old then that’d be a good thing for wrestling!

  38. pcmarriott says:

    Congratulations TNA, you’ve just won the 2016 Gooker Award!

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