It Came From YouTube: Happy 16th Anniversary, WrestleCrap!

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Happy 16th Anniversary WrestleCrap!

Mike Check helped me pick out the perfect song to commemorate this important milestone in a girl’s website’s life!

I will always be grateful to everyone both past and present (R.D, Merle, Harry, Blade, Jed, Jordan, Justin, Emerson, Art, Triple Kelly, and everyone else) who have worked so very hard to make this here website the finest showcase the absolute worst of Professional Wrestling for 16 hilarious years!

Thanks, guys- your hard work, dedication, and talents  are what make this site the best.

And thanks to you Crappers for sticking with us throughout the years and coming back every day to laugh along with us!

Also, I wanted to especially thank everyone for sending me so much great stuff to me for Someone Bought This and It Came From YouTube. You guys find the greatest and strangest “stuff”.

Here’s to another 16 years, Crappers!

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Happy 16th Anniversary, WrestleCrap!"
  1. Brian Jacobs says:

    Ah nice classic old song for the anniversary! Congrats and to many more years for the site, as I’m sure pro wrestling will continue to churn out for material to talk about!

  2. John C says:

    A song that truly represents the best of Wrestlecrap, a feeling of something creepy and awkward.

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