It Came From YouTube: Goldberg’s music is great! Let’s change it to a Megadeth song.

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One of WCW’s brilliant ideas was to replace Goldberg’s famous orchestral theme music with a crappy Megadeth song to promote the WCW Mayhem album.

His original music combined with his entrance and the sparks was a great deal of what got him over in the first place.

Besides, who in 1999 gave a crap about Megadeth?

Boy, WCW really had their finger on the pulse of what was cool…

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23 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Goldberg’s music is great! Let’s change it to a Megadeth song."
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    and this song was a tie in to Universal Soldier; The Return

  2. Daniel, In So Many Words. says:

    If you pause it around 0:49, I think that face that Goldberg makes really captures his disappointment with being saddled with such a horrifically-unfitting entrance theme.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this the worst Megadeth song of all time?

  4. George from Dudleyville, NY says:

    I think Austin’s disturbed song almost fell in same category. Except relevance of the band at the time. I can remember a few pretty good tunes as far as wrestling themes. ECW excluded because of using real songs 99% of the time. Off the top of my head Monster Magnet “live for the moment” for Matt Hardy, Kane’s “slow chemical” theme was great. Even Edge’s Alter Bridge song was better then his Rob Zombie song. Hell, Tara/Victoria using that TaTu song really worked. Yet we had Run DMC do DX, Uncle Kracka for X-pac and ICP rapping for the Oddities. To each their own I guess.

  5. George from Dudleyville, NY says:

    BTW, Is Megadeth’s body of work is that bad? I’m not a huge fan, but I would be more embarrassed to be singing HHH”s greatest hits as a band. With such legendary status as Motörhead and almighty dollar aside, wtf could Lemmy be thinking between his friend re-enacting necropheliia and dresseing like Conan the barbarian? Tie goes to the runner. 🙂

  6. Cameron A. says:

    Somehow, Slayer’s “Here Comes the Pain” was wasted on WCW Thunder.

    In time, that song title and lyrics would accurately describe Vince Russo’s booking style, but “HCtP” made more sense as a Goldberg theme.

  7. John says:

    I think I dozed off three times during that generic elevator muzak theme. Now excuse me while I hum a few bars of “Biscuits & Gravy”.

  8. John Q Occupier says:

    IIRC, Dave Mustaine himself has come out in the past and said he hates the album this song was on and it was forced on them by studio execs who didn’t “get” Megadeth. I’m not the biuggest fan of theirs in the world… but I can’t play a guitar myself for the life of me, so who am I to criticise?

  9. Sean Bateman says:

    Jerry Lynn (aka Mr. JL) has Megadeth’s Trust (Instrumental Version) as his theme

  10. Alan says:

    This didn’t last long. Shortly thereafter, they went back to Goldberg’s instrumental theme. Also, I liked the WCW version of his theme better than the WWE version.

  11. Alan says:

    Oh yeah…Megadeth performed that very song live on the 7-5-1999 Nitro that aired from a not-so-full Georgia Dome. Of course, they killed off any drawing power there after the finger poke of doom seven months earlier with Nash and Hogan, which ended up in its rightful place, being Inducted into Wrestlecrap. They could’ve had Goldberg win big again, only to begin what would end up being the beginning of the end for WCW.

  12. Third String Point Guard says:

    Ah, yes. “Crush ‘Em.” The song that made me want to crush Megadeth because of how far they’d fallen since So Far, So Good, So What? and Rust in Peace.

  13. E-Squared says:

    I remember the first time Goldberg entered through this song. He was doing a run-in and then ran to the ring with this song blasting. I remember thinking “This just does not fit AT ALL.”

  14. StevilFTW says:

    I actually like this song… But the guys at Megadeth hated it so much, they even stated they’d never play it again.

  15. Andrew says:

    I like Megadeth and all, but Dave always sounds like Oscar the Grouch to me.
    Especially in Sweating Bullets

  16. theOneManChainGang says:

    Lame song aside, I forgot how much of monster Goldberg was in WCW. WWE blew it big time.

  17. Drew says:

    I was a huge Megadeth fan and this song was such a bummer. They said it was their attempt to get into sports arenas since Metallica’s Enter Sandman somehow is at every sporting event in the country now.

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