It Came From YouTube: #gogetthosegeckos

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Crapper Brian Jacobs writes:

I was watching clips from a new favourite show called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver formerly of the Daily Show. I have a lot of good laughs from the news comedy he delivers and one of his recent silly campaigns has been #GoGetThoseGeckos to get Putin and Russia to find some lost geckos used in sex experiments in space. Many celebrities have joined the cause from Buzz Aldrin (former RAW guest host no less) to Patrick Stewart. But I almost fell off my seat seeing who recently put them over the top to get those geckos back. He’s the perfect choice you could say:

Yes when you need to get space sex geckos, you send a Viper. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: #gogetthosegeckos"
  1. the14thlistener says:

    The Voices in His Head care about science. And lizards.

  2. Mister Forth says:

    Very strange to see him do that.

  3. BaltoJim says:

    After his recent run-in with the “Latino Ms. Piggy”, Orton probably mistook one of the space sex geckos for the “Latino Kermit the Frog”.

  4. Brad Essex says:

    He’ll take it to the paper if he has too.

  5. 80's Guy says:

    Nice Flair WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the end, too.

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