It Came From YouTube: Fake Razor no more!

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Crapper Drew Bludd writes:

Rick Titan “debuts” on USWA tv by Alundra Blayze’ing the Razor Ramon gimmick

That’s pretty cool!

See, the problem is that he did a pretty decent Razor Ramon but you can’t really get over being a fake Razor Ramon.

And you’re even less likely to get over being Rick Bognar because who give a crap about Rick Bognar?!

Poor Rick Bognar…

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Fake Razor no more!"
  1. Ryan says:

    Is that Titan Screwed book that’s advertised on the left about Rick?

    • John C says:

      I guess that would make it a steamy tell all book about his love life. Was it written in long hand or with short strokes.

      • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

        Gay Popeye, is that you?

        • John C says:

          “Oh, excuse me I gots my handful with Bluto right now. We’re playing a game of Hide the Spinach. Wimpy’s holding the buns for the weiner…I mean winner.”

          • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

            Oh my god…. 🙂

            • John C says:

              “And I wants to invite all my Wrestlecrap friends to dines out at me own new restaurant. It’s called Anchors A-Lay. Try out my own personal favorite dish, creamed spinach and also for all ye landlubbers I tosses your salad fresh at every table. Make sure to save room for dessert with our special hot fudge sundae called The Hershey Highway, it’ll be right up your alley. Toot!!! Toot!!!”

  2. Geoff says:

    Nope written in long strokes with a hard pen.

  3. Geoff says:

    I gots the Olyve oil right here all ready to go.

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