It Came From YouTube: Doink gets a Christmas gift from Santa Claus- viewers hope he kept the gift receipt

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Santa Claus showed up on a December 1993 episode of WWF Wrestling Challenge.

And that’s not all- he has a special gift for Doink The Clown!

Boy, oh boy!(™ Nathaniel) What could it possibly be?!

A copy of Dusty Rhodes’ autobiography?

The Beatles’ “Live At The BBC” on CD?

A 148 count box of delicious Smoothie Cups?

Well, no; unfortunatley it’s none of those things- any one of which would be much better than what we got.

It’s Dink The Clown- a midget… erm… I mean “little person”version of Doink.

So; just to recap: Santa bought Doink a Dink for Christmas.

Le sigh…

This is a prime example of how bad the WWF was in the mid-90’s.

This just makes me miss Doink’s old theme music and heel act that much more. How freakin’ awesome was that?

This really just makes me long for the days of Doink beating Crush (he had a famous proud Hawaiian Clown Grandpa, you know) to a pulp with his fake arm that he pulled out of a cast. 

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15 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Doink gets a Christmas gift from Santa Claus- viewers hope he kept the gift receipt"
  1. Greg says:

    Dink dink…dink dink dink dink dink dink…

    When did we get to Disneyworld?

  2. Greg says:

    Am I the only one that thinks they missed a GREAT opportunity to turn Doink heel again here and give him some massive heat? He could have just kicked Santa’s ass pillar to post, stuck him in the stump puller, then stole his beard and wore it around the ring. That would have seriously played to his “I want to make all the world’s children cry” original gimmick. JR would have gone apoplectic and Heenan would have been jumping for joy.

    ALWAYS with the missed opportunities, the WWE. Always. Vince and his damn tunnel vision.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      The problem is that Face Doink was really, really popular and turning him heel would’ve been a bad idea. Face Doink was very over with the kids.

      • Jimbolian says:

        Don’t forget, Matt Osbourne (RIP) was the heel Doink and then Ray Apollo took over the role. I’m taking it that Apollo couldn’t match the villain role that Osbourne established.

        • Greg says:

          This is true. It was really Borne’s facial expressions and his switches between seemingly sweet and maniacal that sold the gimmick completely. Apollo also lacked in the technical aspects that made the character so unique. When you’re a clown that can go hold for hold with Bret Hart and utterly dominate the Big Boss Man, that’s damn near a one of a kind.

      • Paul says:

        So, what you’re saying is… *gulp*… Doink’s career is closely paralleled by Cena’s?!

  3. CBCB says:

    That is probably the largest lump of coal that I’ve ever seen…

  4. Sean O says: Just wanted to post a more accurate version of Doink’s Heel Theme song and I agree, it was awesome!

    • Joe T says:

      Thanks Sean for that vid too. It was cool to watch & listen to all three of the vids in this post and the “library” of Doink stuff your link brought up. It all reminds me of watching when he first appeared and thinking “what clown do they have on tv now”, only to realize shortly after that “hey this clown really knows what he’s doing”. It reminds that no matter how much potential crap the gimmick may look like at first, when you have an experienced and talented person like Osborne it can work far better than can be imagined. And Santa did get it right in this promo “There is only one Doink the clown”. RIP Matt Osborne.

  5. James says:

    Which Doink was this? Doesn’t sound quite like Ray Apollo.

  6. Dave says:

    What’s funny is that I actually did get that Beatles CD for Christmas one year. Still have it, too.

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