It Came From YouTube: David Arquette IS El Asso Wipo!

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Crapper Cameron Archer writes:

I loved David Herman’s original El Asso Wipo (English: The Ass Wiper, The Wiper [WWF]). The masked Argentinian had a definite moral code – babies and priests were out, but everyone else could expect for El Asso Wipo to break their backs like so, with his knee.

Señor Bag of Crap ended the sketch with his famous gimmick.

El Asso Wipo somehow became Mexican after his first appearance. David Herman moved on to King of the Hill, so Chris Hogan played El Asso Wipo during MADtv’s third season.

This is from the fifth season, promoting
Ready to Rumble, so David Arquette is El Asso Wipo…for whatever reason. Will Sasso is Señor Bag of Crap, and Phil LaMarr is El Diablo Negro.

Some well-known, scorpion-themed wrestler also features.

Even though this is MADtv during its long decline, this is still better than WCW during ITS long decline – makes more sense, at least.

To be fair, Herman left MADtv six episodes into the third
season, while Chris Hogan was only there for season three. S3 was the  last season of MADtv I really got behind; by S5, I wasn’t watching.

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: David Arquette IS El Asso Wipo!"
  1. John C says:

    That showed way more respect to the luchadores than Russo ever did in WCW. I still consider that Will Sasso is to comedy is what The Dynamic Dudes were to skateboarding, el bag of crappo.

  2. Danadax says:

    without a Bob Holly run in/cameo.. not for me

  3. Sean Bateman says:

    El Asso Wipo sounds like a name for the Gooker runner up.

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