It Came From YouTube Classic: Paul Christy Eats a Microphone

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Blade Braxton: “We had so much fun last week looking at Paul Christy’s meltdown on the TNT show, I figured let’s go back to the well again. No Mean Gene to hassle Paul this time. In his place we get the three-time NWA world heavyweight champion, Lou Thesz, conducting the interview. And what a fine interview it is, complete with Paul losing it mentally, abusing his female manager, Bunny Love, and even giving tips on how to properly physically assault a woman. Last week, Paul asked the timeless question, “How many apartment buildings can you own?” This week, Paul tries to answer another question that really wasn’t necessary…


How many inches of Lou Thesz’s rod can you deep throat?

Paul Christy: Wrestler. Magician. Hypnotist. Linda Lovelace impersonator.
You remember 70’s porn star Linda Lovelace don’t you? Pretty blue eyes, physical appearance, charming personality. Right? You got it? Woman. Sexual. Alright?

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube Classic: Paul Christy Eats a Microphone"
  1. evolboone says:

    The last five seconds make the whole video platinum.

  2. The Gold Standard says:

    Did Thesz have something on Vince SR or Vince JR? Lou must have had something so he could dump that oxygen thief in the WWF and be rid of him

  3. MimIKEmIKE says:


  4. MattMatt says:

    Roid rage much? For crying out loud! That guy jumps from topic to topic about as much as a Kardashian jumps from man to man and bed to bed.

  5. Jacob says:

    He’s worse than warrior.

  6. 80's Guy says:

    Wow. I think we know who Warrior’s inspiration was for his promos…

    Guy’s pretty high strung. Wonder if he acted that way in the locker room, too.

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