It Came from YouTube Classic: Grayson starring Kimberly Page!

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I love the 1999 / 2000 era of WCW. I truly miss all of the characters from that time period, as well as the crazy Vince Russo booking. And that is why this Grayson clip is posted this week. No, it’s not because this wacky mock trailer for a movie about Robin has more “overbooking” of DC Comics superheroes than the average Russo-produced Nitro. No, it’s simply because it contains images of my lifelong fantasies – Kimberly Page portraying Catwoman.


Julie Newmar, eat your heart out!!

(Note from RD: Sorry, dude – Kimberly is no doubt hot…but she ain’t Julie Newmar hot. In fact, were Merle still with us today, he’d kick your ass for even thinking something so blasphemous!)

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11 Responses to "It Came from YouTube Classic: Grayson starring Kimberly Page!"
  1. Y_Set says:

    If Russo produce this movie, it will become a trilogy and end up with Batman still alive and revealed as the real mastermind of them all.

  2. CaptainRon says:

    I actually read the script to this. It’s just as bad as the trailer. SPOILER: It was Commissioner Gordon all along. Seriously.

  3. bret_owen99 says:

    this is no Batman: Dead End. Seriously, theres a reason why she was never an actress (unless you spotted her during the 40 Year old Virgin)

  4. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    “Screw legalities, we want to make a fan-film!”.

  5. TMS says:

    That somehow manages to be both stupid and awesome at the same time.

    • No Pants Mafia says:

      This. The basic concept of the movie sounds great, and they did make it look almost passable for what I’m assuming was a bare bones budget.

  6. Brownie_the_3rd says:

    I like the basic idea behind this trailer and I imagine it could make for a great story with some further tweaking, although as is it looks like it’d be pretty entertaining

  7. Greg says:

    After he solves Batman’s murder, Dick Grayson should investigate why his child has an afro…

  8. Charles says:

    Not as bad as that 90s version of Fantastic 4

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