It Came From YouTube Classic: Cowboy Bob Orton’s Hat Gets Eaten

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It has been a joy getting to watch the old UWF reruns on ESPN Classic this week. With it being new for me to watch (I never got to see the episodes back in the day), it’s outdatedness and overall hokeyness reminds me of the time I first watched The Worst Of RD Reynolds DVD. With both RD’s DVD and the UWF, I knew what I was watching was questionable material, yet, I couldn’t stop watching. And believe it or not, both featured the dreaded….

Hat angle.

Where as RD merely stole some Ranger Ross-wannabe’s hat and held the hat hostage, in the UWF, the Warlord’s manager did something ever more drastic to acheive “biggum heat” – he stole Cowboy Bob Orton’s hat and proceeded to eat it.


Ummm, yeah. That’s gonna clog the stool in a few hours.

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube Classic: Cowboy Bob Orton’s Hat Gets Eaten"
  1. ffrexdartsdfrex says:

    I love the UWF! Herb Abrams is like the Ed Wood of Wrestling Promoters.. He was obviously Incompetent but he just had so much enthusiasm.

    I was always amused by how genuinely confused the refs seem to be, It was like they were never given the script.

  2. Paul R. from says:

    I love that this is the raw unedited footage so you see them out of character before and after the promo.

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