It Came From YouTube: Chuck Norris Vs. Randy Savage

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Crapper Justin Cook submitted this and writes:

Add Spiderman and it would be a triple threat match.

Wow! Chuck Norris Vs. Randy Savage..

Simply amazing.

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Chuck Norris Vs. Randy Savage"
  1. John says:

    Come on Brell was so much better as the sinister tv producer and really no NWO run in with hot coffee or a high heel shoe, who booked this crap?

  2. buddhajeb says:


  3. Nick Sharpe says:

    Chuck Norris fact:

    Traditionally, one of the surefire ways for someone to tell if a wrestler is trained or not, is (unless they’re in Mexico) by seeing what side of the body they work: If they work the left, they’re trained, the right, they’re not.

    During the filming of this fight, Randy, already a bit of a loose nut, started to get into the fight, and forget it was all an act. When Chuck locked the cross arm breaker on Randy’s right side, he almost began to shoot on Chuck. What wasn’t kept in the episode is when Chuck plinks Macho in the face with a finger, knocking him into a 2 week coma, forcing them to have to finish shooting the fight scene almost 3 weeks after beginning filming of it.

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