It Came From YouTube: Bobby Heenan makes fun of Mike McGuirk

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From various episodes of WWF Wrestling Challenge from 1991.

I can forgive the sparkly tuxedos, but those hairstyles! Oooff!

As always, Bobby Heenan is hilarious.

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7 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Bobby Heenan makes fun of Mike McGuirk"
  1. Ezenwa Anyanwu says:

    Quick question: didn’t Mike Mcguirk have some on-going pseudo feud with Ravishing Rick Rude? I remember Rude checking her out all the time, and I wondered why he never put the “Rude Awakening” liplock on her. Then, on a random episode of Superstar or Wrestling Challenge, he finally does. Anyone else remember that?

  2. Ezenwa Anyanwu says:

    Hey, Pistol Pez Whatley appearance! Nice

  3. John says:

    Loved the old bag line. How about the “dream team” announcing crew of Mike McGuirk, Bruce Pritchard & Pete Doherty on the B & C grade shows that was awful. I’d take a Larry Nelson, Lee Marshall, David Crockett and Superstar Billy Graham crew over that hideous bunch.

  4. Escape says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I had tears in my eyes watching this!

    Heenan: “Catchy tune, huh?”
    Monsoon: “What DISGUSTING music!”

  5. Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe) says:

    I am so smiling watching this.

    Then I saw how many aren’t with us anymore… I had a sad. 🙁

  6. Kerry B. says:

    Duggan with the “rifle” 2 X 4… That would get him future endeavored in roughly .24 seconds today.

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