It Came From YouTube: A Viking Vs. A Zombie Mortician (Don’t you just love Pro Wrestling?)

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From the April 25th, 1992 episode of WWF Superstars Of Wrestling; The Berzerker tries to fatally stab The Undertaker with his sword (!); thus proving once and for all that time-traveling 10th Century Vikings have absolutely no idea how 19th Century re-animated Zombified Morticians really work in regards to being impervious to pain and death thanks to The Power Of The Urn(™).

Or just having the ability to roll out of the way in plenty of time.


I’d like to think that after the match they each grabbed a pint of ale and had a nice long chat about each other’s existence in this crazy, mixed-up modern world that they were both forced to live in.

I’ve have stuck them both together in a cramped apartment to make “The (New) New Odd Couple”. I smell a Wacky Sitcom success! License To Get Ratings!(™)

Unfortunately, the feud never really went anywhere beyond a series of matches on the house show circuit.

I’ve got to admit that the sword sticking out of the canvas makes for a pretty cool visual, though.

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: A Viking Vs. A Zombie Mortician (Don’t you just love Pro Wrestling?)"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    RIP Paul Bearer

  2. Falcdango says:

    I this induction anything to do with the interview with JJ Dillon saying Undertaker was gonna be the Beserker?

  3. John Q Occupier says:

    I was a huge Berserker mark back in the day…

  4. Forest George says:

    Husk! Husk! Husk! Husk!

  5. Forest George says:

    I just saw a recent video of Bobby Hennan. Hadn’t realized he couldn’t talk anymore. He’ll be in my prayers in more ways than one.

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