Headlies: WWE Defends “Be A Star” Program After Bully Busick Matches Surface On Youtube

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Weirton, WV – WWE’s anti-bullying campaign program “Be A Star” has come under fire recently after videos on Youtube have surfaced showing that they once employed a wrestler by the name of “Big Bully Busick”.

Decked out in a derby hat, cigar, and bushy handlebar mustache, Busick entered the World Wrestling Federation under the tutelage of manager Harvey Wippleman. Several videos have been uploaded to the video-sharing website over the past few months showing Busick antagonizing fans, harassing female announcer Mike McGuirk, and engaging in other activities deemed bully-like. His matches against Davey Boy Smith, Sid Justice, and Bret “Hitman” Hart show similar, inappropriate behavior.

Alliance members that have been working with “Be A Star”, including STOMP Out Bullying, GLAAD, and The Ad Council have distanced themselves in recent days. “In the digital age where one video can ruin a political candidate, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that something like this happened in the WWE,” said STOMP Out Bullying spokeswoman Nancy Bernard. “Wrestling has had a long history of bullies. Big Bully Busick, Blacktop Bully, Bully Ray, and JBL. We had hoped that WWE and Vince McMahon had put all of that behind them. I guess we should have expected more from a man who once made Trish Stratus bark like a dog.”

A representative for Be A Star, on the condition of anonymity for fear of punishment, said, “I haven’t been home in 2 weeks. Vince just comes in and yells at us for stuff we haven’t done. It’s not my fault people aren’t buying more Sheamus action figures. He once splashed someone with a hot cup of coffee because he wasn’t working fast enough. Please, give this note to my wife and tell her I love her.”

Busick, who has since retired from the ring, said, “I never wanted to be a bully. It started in Georgia Championship Wrestling, but the only good part about the character was the mustache. Vince really pushed it on me. He said he was going to stomp my grapefruits if I didn’t do it. He’s not going to hear about this is he?” asked the former bully, adjusting his protective cup.

WWE Head of Creative Stephanie McMahon noted, “I don’t see the issue. After all, The Bully was generally pummeled by other WWE Superstars, like Sid Justice. I mean, a Bully lost to Justice. Do I have to spell it out for you? This just proves that violence is the best way to silence a bully,” said McMahon with a big smile. “We’re very proud of the message we’re sending to children on a weekly basis. If someone is being mean to you, just beat the snot out of them. That’s actually going to be my mom’s new campaign slogan in 2016.”

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10 Responses to "Headlies: WWE Defends “Be A Star” Program After Bully Busick Matches Surface On Youtube"
  1. John says:

    And the best way to settle a personal matter with someone else is to hang something from a ceiling and then fight each with a ladder to settle the issue. Thankfully it settled the whole Rey Mysterio-Eddie Guerrero drama over Dominic in the past. I know I had to settle an inheritance issue with my family by having a Money in the Bank match in our living room.

    • Thomas Moffatt says:

      I can see WWE ripping that off – RAW GM, the Estate of Vince McMahon, immunity from sitting next to Michael Cole on the plane, etc

  2. Apestench says:

    “Don’t be a bully. Now excuse me while I go beat someone up because I don’t like him.”

  3. Nick Busick says:

    At least have the decency to post the truth if you are going to quote me. I never made any such comment.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      WrestleCrap is a humor site, Nick. This is just a satire piece. Nobody thinks you actually said that up there. We didn’t mean to upset you and I’m sorry if we did. We sometimes make up outlandish things in our attempt to be funny. For the record, the above Headlie is completely fictitious and was made up by Jordan. It doesn’t represent anything that the real Nick Busick has said or done. I hope that clears things up.

    • Albert says:

      At least have the decency to have the brains to actually READ THE F@@KING THING AND KNOW IT IS PARODY rather than just sprout gibberish just because you’re not even good enough for TNA to hire you for a handful of soup cans per month.

  4. Raging_Demons says:

    Honestly I don’t think its humor but more of a prediction.

  5. Mike says:

    LOL, this can’t be for real…does Big Bully Busick frequent wrestlecrap, or is this dude a troll?

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