Headlies: Velveteen Dream Emerges From Giant Boot At WWE Stomping Grounds

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Tacoma, WA – Wrestling fans were shocked last night when NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream made his WWE debut at Stomping Grounds.

What was quickly becoming just another typical WWE pay-per-view became a night to remember as a the beloved NXT wrestler appeared on the main roster.

WWE’s ring crew wheeled a giant boot on to the main stage. The stadium lights dimmed as a single purple spotlight shined upon the oversized footwear. Those in attendance strained their necks as smoke starting billowing from the top of shoe.

Suddenly, the familiar funky sounds of Velveteen Dream’s theme music piped over the loudspeakers, causing the live crowd to erupt in excitement. Grown men hugged each other. Children openly wept. Bored moms checked their phones.

Velveteen Dream slowly descended the boot, pausing to pose so that people may take pictures. He tenderly blew kisses to the audience, twirled in place, and ascended the boot. Microphone in hand, Dream addressed the crowd.

“It looks like Stomping Grounds could use a little…sole,” said Dream with a smirk. “Velveteen Dream is ready to lace up, and kick down the doors of the WWE. I may have a gift for words with silver tongue, but those of you who watch NXT know I don’t drag my feet in the ring. I will step over the competition and bring all those who challenge me to heel. Also, did you know that the little plastic thing at the end of your shoelaces are called aglets? It’s true. Velveteen Dream has spoken!”

The giant boot then hopped off stage and through a large door to the back of the arena.

Fans in attendance were thrilled.

“It was totally worth sitting through another Baron Corbin match just for this,” said Matt Gugliota.

“I can’t wait to read all of Dolph Ziggler’s tweets complaining about Dream,” said Cammy Contreras.

“This is what it sounds like when doves cry,” said R.J. Hill, fighting back tears.

Acknowledging the largely positive reaction from the crowd, Velveteen Dream has naturally been booked in a program with Shane McMahon.

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  1. John C says:

    Before he gets to Shane O’ Mac, Dream will have to go through Shoe McIntyre, The Scottish Sockopath.

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