Headlies: Velvet McIntyre Reunites With Her Long-Lost Son Drew

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Vancouver, Canada – In a tearful reunion, former WWF female wrestler Velvet McIntyre reunited with her long-lost son, current WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre.

Velvet is best known for wrestling barefoot (despite not being Samoan) and executing high-flying maneuvers in the WWF during the early 80’s. During a 1984 tour of Scotland with the WWF, Velvet had a brief affair with a man from the town of Ayr, and nine months later gave birth to a little boy named Drew. Due to her busy schedule of constantly losing to The Fabulous Moolah and Sherri Martel, Velvet was forced to leave her son behind. As the years passed, the two lost touch and Velvet has been spending the better part of the past twenty years trying to find her long-lost son.

“It was the 80’s. If you remember it, you weren’t really there,” said a shoeless Velvet, sporting leopard-print tights. “I was living the high life, traveling the world and partying all night with the stars, like Bronson Pinchot and Alan Thicke. I couldn’t be the mother that Drew needed and broke my heart to lose contact with him.”

“I did everything I could to find him,” said Velvet. Private investigators, Google searches. I even employed the help of my friend The Jumping Bomb Angels when someone said Drew was in Japan. It wasn’t until I got a tip that he was wrestling in the WWE that I knew I was getting close. I watched a bunch of Raws and Smackdowns, but would never see him. I had almost lost hope until I saw him and his Three Man Band.”

Velvet reached out to her old employer and a mother-son reunion was planned. The emotional meeting was captured by WWE cameras for their latest show on the E! Network, “Wrestling Reunion”. “I’ve been dreaming of this moments for a long time,” said Drew. “From now on, I’m wrestling barefoot to honor my mom. Also, losing a lot of matches.”

Velvet McIntyre has also been trying to track down her long-lost daughter, also named Velvet. “I heard she was wrestling in TNA, but I just can’t bring myself to watch it for more than a few seconds. If anyone can withstand the two hours of Impact and sees her, please let me know.

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16 Responses to "Headlies: Velvet McIntyre Reunites With Her Long-Lost Son Drew"
  1. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Things that make you go “Hmmm…”.

  2. RD Reynolds says:

    She does kinda look like him.

    Oh, and someone needs to bring back her spinning cross body press. That move was great.

  3. Darryl Stewart says:

    This tale would bring a tear to a glass eye! 😉

  4. Art0Donnell says:

    Rumor has it Velvet was supposed to win the Women’s title at Wrestlemania 2, but had to improvise jobbing to Moolah because her outfit snapped. Sort of like how Drew was supposed to win Money in the Bank at Mania 26, but got nixed in favor of Jack Swagger.

  5. John says:

    I couldn’t help Velvet either since 13.5 seconds is maybe my longest TNA viewing.

  6. Jordan Mishkin says:

    I’m just thrilled that I was able to work in a Jumping Bomb Angels reference in 2013.

  7. TK says:

    I must be the only one who read this and thought “wow this sure sounded like Blanka from Street Fighter 2 and his reunion except flip the barefooted roles”. Nice entry for finding all these obscure historic points!

  8. Rosco1872 says:

    Most articles on here are funny.

    This one was in pretty bad taste in my opinion.


  9. Mark says:

    This one was pretty fantastic…a lot of good one liners in it…

  10. shane allen says:

    just to let you all know velvet is a personal friend of my family. she is like a sister to me. all this info of her being drew McIntyre mom and velvet from tna. its all bullshit. were do you get this info from.

  11. Rob McIntyre says:

    Lol never knew I had these cousins and were really close what bs

  12. Bree McAuley says:

    Lordy Lordy this is HILARIOUS!! Ive known her a bit, and I had no idea at first that she was one of the BEST wrestlers, just knew her as Vel, a sweet oving woman with a great heart… As for his BS written, what tabloid did you bend over for for this info?

    She is a great mom and a great person, an you are trying to get famous using someone who has busted their butt with a career that they loved, only to get this crap posted. Hope yall sleep good at night… Cause Karma comes around!

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