Headlies: Twitter Personality Jim Ross Retires

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Norman, OK – Internet personality Jim Ross announced Wednesday that, after a long and extensive run in the business of tweeting, he will be retiring from Twitter, effective immediately.

Ross, 61, has become known among the younger generation as an ardent user of the social media site Twitter. Ross, known to fans as, “Good Ol’ JR”, mostly for the folksy way he would type his 140-character-or-less messages, will be focusing more on his line of condiments, which were often promoted on his Twitter feed.

“Frankly, it was getting to be too much,” said Ross to WrestleCrap in a phone interview. “The unabashed ignorance of some people was a huge drain on my motor, and I don’t feel I could go on at full capacity.”

“So even though I do enjoy talking about barbecue sauce, football, and tailgating with barbecue sauce at football games with smart, well-mannered folks, the negative simply outweighed the positive on Twitter.”

Ross, who exploded into public view after he began tweeting his thoughts in 2009, will leave a large void on the feeds of over 900,000 followers.

Although his social aptitude is what he’ll be most remembered by among today’s youth, a few folks may know him from his bi-annual appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment programming, in which he played the comic patsy to many a villainous character, without ever once getting retribution.

“It was nice of the company to let me appear once in a while,” the sauce magnate mused. “Twice a year is more than most folks get. I suppose Vince (McMahon) thought nobody could play a punchable buffoon quite like me!”

Ross went on to state he might still tweet on a bi-annual basis, just as long as WWE announcer Michael Cole doesn’t feel upstaged.

“He’s a more photogenic storyteller than I; who am I to disrupt the pecking order?”

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9 Responses to "Headlies: Twitter Personality Jim Ross Retires"
  1. GG Duce says:

    Slobberknocker of a mudhole walked dry.

    Horowitz wins!

  2. Kyle says:

    Who’s next? Lawler?

  3. A thumb to tha eye from the dirtiest Tweeter in the game!

  4. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Has anyone ever provided footage of JR kicking Cole in the bollocks? My all time favourite RAW moment…

  5. Trench Reynolds says:

    When reached for comment Angry Jim Ross said “Go f*** yourselves.”

  6. Caveman says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if JR would start working for this site?

    • Bender says:

      Now that he doesn’t work for Vince, I’m waiting for the tell-all book.

      • Joe T says:

        If he writes a tell all book I wonder if it will explain why he’s getting part of the blame for Flair’s behavior at the 2K14 panel. I’m not anti-Flair, but how is it JR’s fault the man is now a self-destructive drunk who doesn’t know when to shut up. If it’s because he went drinking with him before the panel appeared it should make no difference. I realize they have been friends for a long time and Ric introduced him to his wife but grown men need to be accountable for their own actions. NOBODY has been able to get Flair to tone it down even before the misfortune of Reid. His financial problems have haunted him throughout his life so that excuse means nothing.

        I won’t be buying their game now because of this, keeping that money in hopes that JR does write a book about all his experiences.

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