Headlies: TNA Reportedly Using WrestleCrap Books As “Creative Blueprint”

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As soon as Brooke Hogan uttered the term, “It’s the shit”, Hulk Hogan felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up. He finally put the creative puzzle together in his head. Brooke was referencing her newest single, “Hulka Hulka Burning Love”, which was released to family and friends just last week.

You see, Hulk has been doing anything in his power to put TNA back on the map. He recently inserted a massive piece of wood (ZING!) in front of a camera (ZING ZING!) to arouse all the little Hulkamaniacs out there (ZING ZING ZING!).

Of course, we’re talking about Brooke’s on-screen love affair with Bully Ray. It’s already worked out so well, as evidenced by people changing to TNA, just so they can say they also turned the channel when the angle came on TV.

Hulk Hogan sure knows what he’s doing. It’s gold putting your wooden tramp of a daughter in a love angle on national television. It’s always worked so well in other organizations, so why not? Where did the Hulkster get that idea anyways?

Hogan was seen backstage at the last TNA taping, clutching a copy of WrestleCrap’s “The Very Worst Of Professional Wrestling”. He was overheard talking about the content and referenced Brooke’s comment:

“Little Brookster knows what guys like (zing…shh). She was telling me how her new single is the shit. That’s the new term. This book is about WrestleCrap, which is basically the same as WrestleShit. This is gonna be bigger than when I slammed that 1,400 pound gorilla, brother!”

It’s also rumored that he’s acquired a copy of “Death of WCW’, and has plans to make use of the material in that as well.

“All we have to do, brother, is do everything the same up until we had to close!”

Good call, Hulk. One thing – please don’t ever buy the book “Fathers Teaching Daughters”.


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  1. A lot of the same selfish idiots who ran WCW have run, or are running, or wrestle in TNA so this actually might not be too far off the mark.

  2. The Crazed Spruce says:

    ….Y’know, that explains SO much….

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