HEADLIES: Ric Flair Honored with Bronze Statue of Someone Else at WWE Axxess

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Orlando, FL – WWE Hall-of-Famer and wrestling legend Ric Flair was commemorated Thursday evening with a bronze statue, the latest Hall of Famer to receive the honor. The ceremony was held during the opening festivities of WrestleMania Axxess. Flair was surrounded by friends and family alike when the statue was unveiled.

As, the “Nature Boy” visibly broke down while looking at the statue, fellow attendees scratched their heads at exactly whom it was to represent.

“Pretty sure it’s Prince Adam from Beauty & The Beast,” whispered Ricky Morton to his partner Robert Gibson.

Ricky Steamboat shook his head. “No, looks more like King Slender from NES Pro Wrestling.

Finally able to regain his composure, Flair shook Triple H’s hand, gave him a hug, and whispered, “I don’t know who the hell that is supposed to be, but thank you, brother.”

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7 Responses to "HEADLIES: Ric Flair Honored with Bronze Statue of Someone Else at WWE Axxess"
  1. Brian Jacobs says:

    Wow 2 awkward sculptures in 1 week?! This and the Cristiano Ronaldo bust at the newly named airport are something else to see folks!

  2. Gabe Benson says:

    Bronze “busts” indeed

  3. Craig says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the statue looks more like William Regal then Ric Flair?

  4. Alexandru says:

    It looks a ton like Kerry Von Erich

  5. Jerry says:

    This is what happens, when you dig a former Seth Rollins statue out of a trash compactor.

  6. Duckbilled Platypool says:

    Maybe it’s 1988 Clash of the champions Ric Flair?

  7. Barronmore says:

    That was quite gracious of Flair to still thank Triple H…quite classy of him. 🙂

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