Headlies: Prisoners of Cobb County, GA Jail Fear Big Boss Man’s Ghost

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Since September of 2004, prisoners in the Cobb County, Georgia Jail have had a difficult time eating, sleeping & serving their hard time.

Though the guards disagree over why, the prisoners are quite sure as to the cause of their collective insomnia & other troubles: a spectre they have dubbed The Big Boss Man’s Ghost.

“He still makes you walk the line,” whispered inmate Tony Cabio to our WCNewz reporter on the scene.

“Ya’ betta’ read the signs,” agreed convicted burglar Manuel Chavez, pointing to a green & red marker in the hallway instructing prisoners to line up, single-file.

Other inmates report hearing a “big stick” clanking along cell bars late at night, as well as a clanging of chains they believe to be attached to a bowling ball, long after lights-out.

Of all the convicts we spoke to, only mass murderer Mark Hudson said he is never bothered by The Big Boss Man’s Ghost. He declined explanation, but prison officials tell us that he has a nightly ritual that involves kneeling – hands clasped in front of him – and praying.

The guards are unsure of the entirety of the prayer, but all agree it includes compliments regarding The Big Boss Man’s mother, her cooking abilities, her figure, her intelligence & her parenting abilities as well as a request to smite a weasel.

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10 Responses to "Headlies: Prisoners of Cobb County, GA Jail Fear Big Boss Man’s Ghost"
  1. Bone White says:

    Is the ghost in turn haunted itself by the ghost of a small dog?

  2. I want to see a Sci-FI TV series about Ghost Big Bossman and his trusty Ghost Dog companion Pepper.

  3. Garrett Garlits says:

    Good stuff, Shane.

    A bit off topic, but when’s the next part of your Rewriting the book due up?

  4. GG Duce says:

    Maybe the ghost is looking for Nailz. Or the Mountie.

  5. DOC 902714 says:

    DOC 902714 {Look it up}

    No comment

  6. This is creepy and weird because he is dead and gone so how can his ghost be in cobb county Georgia not in less he is hunting the mountie and following the mountie everywhere he goes this is creepy and weird and scary im gonna be scared creepy as fuck

  7. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    hehehe! 🙂

  8. Alexis decker says:

    The big boss man rest in peace you are my favorite wrestler I liked your attitude and you are a good man if anybody dont like the big boss man they will serve hard times big bossman is a great man to everybody he gets mad at the mountie and ted dibiase dont mess with the big boss man or you will serve hard times or his ghost will haunt you and the big boss man is a good man respect the big boss man or you willbe serving hard times so dont be mean to the big boss man or you will serve hard times rest in peace big boss man people who mess with the big boss man will serve hard times he is a great wrestler and he loved kids because the big boss man has two kids of his own he was a former prison guard at Cobb county Georgia he is a sweet man you will be missed be your kids and family big boss man rest in peace big boss man you will always be my favorite wrestler and he carries a big stick and ball and chain too he looking trouble he’ll be coming after you and you will serve hard times marry Christmas big boss man you will be missed by your kids and wife and family im

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