Headlies: NXT Launches New Podcast “2 Weeks With Triple H”

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Winter Park, FL – WWE has announced the creation of their latest podcast “2 Weeks With Triple H”. The podcast will focus on the two glorious weeks that NXT won the Wednesday Night War against AEW.

Broadcasting from a broom closet at the WWE Performance Center, the podcast recounts the two-month struggle between rival wrestling companies. Triple H, who runs NXT, gives a behind-the-scenes account of each week leading up to and including NXT’s historic November 20th ratings win.

“NXT is the future of professional wrestling,” said Triple H on the debut episode. “Now, I know we’re just an upstart mom-and-pop operation, but we’ve got something special. We’re not backed by some corporate billionaire. We don’t have the son of a WWE Hall Of Famer calling the shots. We just have grit, determination, and intestinal fortitude.”

Joining Triple H each week is a rotating cast of NXT performers and personnel. Guests include Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Taynara Conti, and NXT General Manager William Regal.

“I want to go in-depth with each guest to really convey that it was an amazing win,” said Triple H. “It’s going to be like ‘Serial’ but with moonsaults and chair shots. A roller coaster for the mind, body and soul.”

WWE plans to produce 100 episodes of “2 Weeks With Triple H” as well as several live broadcasts on the Network. The show is the first in a new line of podcasts from WWE which will also include “Snack Attack with Otis Dozovic”, “Oney Lorcan’s Best Park Benches To Sleep Under” and “Wait, I Haven’t Been Fired Yet? with Lars Sullivan”.

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3 Responses to "Headlies: NXT Launches New Podcast “2 Weeks With Triple H”"
  1. John C says:

    “It wasn’t until our tremendously gifted creative writing team created the completely original character, Oran J. Castaday were we able to turn things back to our side in the ratings war. His totally original gimmick of putting his hands in other people’s pockets is why we are the driving force in sports entertainment televised programming. Of course repackaging Andrade and Zelina Vega as the also completely original characters, Los Bibliotecarios, was genius level booking by our underpaid and overworked brilliant staff. The Revival being reintroduced as The Young Buds is tremendous and is just great. Look out 2020 because it’s a New Day for NXT or should I say it’ll be a Super Duper Best Friends Day coming.”

  2. Christopher Haydu says:

    Like everybody else who was here during them days, I’m still waiting for Monday Night X-Pac. Now that WWE had a network, they need to make that show.

  3. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Triple H would like to let everyone know the reason that NXT won the ratings war was down to DX and nothing else, similarly how they won the Monday Night Wars all alone so man years ago…

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