HEADLIES: Man Will “Never Forget” Reading About Chris Sabin’s World Title Win on Website

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Altoona, PA – After a decade as a TNA superstar, Chris Sabin crowned his decorated run with a shocking upset win over Bully Ray to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion Thursday night.

26-year-old fan Cory Bockner will never forget the moment for as long as he lives.

“I had just clicked onto a wrestling website that I frequent, and I couldn’t believe what I saw,” Bockner said. “There was a graphic of Sabin holding the title, complete with a headline about him beating Bully, and I just started going ballistic! Finally, a guy I’ve liked and supported all these years gets his due, and I got to read to about it with my own eyes!”

Bockner explained that he usually forgets TNA is on, despite his blogger diatribes that criticize fans for not watching TNA.

“The wrestling world needs competition, and WWE needs somebody to shove them,” Bockner explained. “TNA has the best chance of them all, and they’re in some serious straits right now. We need to get behind them and support them with our eyes and our wallets. I promise, I’ll remember to watch this week.”

As for Sabin’s big achievement, Bockner believes it will go down in the annals of TNA history as one of the company’s top moments.

“It’s going to be an indelible memory for sure. Will it top Aries winning the title a year ago from Roode? Hard to say. I was so excited about that match last year. So excited, I forgot to order the show! But hey, that’s what Dailymotion’s for. Five stars, man, five stars.”

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9 Responses to "HEADLIES: Man Will “Never Forget” Reading About Chris Sabin’s World Title Win on Website"
  1. bret_owen99 says:

    I watched and supported TNA Wrestling for years, then stopped when the WCW Killers took over, and haven’t looked back. Just because WWE needs competition, doesn’t mean we have to support a product that we don’t like. I hope something else comes along, because I cannot support TNA.

  2. Troy Lowe says:

    Too true to life to be a parody.

  3. Down With OPC says:

    This saddens me because I found out Sabin won just by going on Facebook.

  4. Maverick Kent Barnes says:

    I was watching the match itself but got bored and went on Wrestling Observer and read about the finish about three minutes before it happened on Spike. I felt nothing.

  5. Mr Maddog says:

    I remember when that happened! I came on WrestleCrap and clicked on the banner picture to read about it. Even posted a comment as well…

    Then I watched some “It Came From YouTube” videos and moved on.

  6. MJA says:

    I love that Sabin is champion, but the actual match did nothing to make him look like an actual threat. It was just Bully beating him down and then Sabin winning with a hammer. Come on TNA, Sabin got himself in this position with his incredible acrobatic style. At least let him show some of that in the match!! And the M.E.M/Aces and 8s stuff was annoying as well. I want Sabin to carry the strap to Bound for Glory but wouldn’t be surprised if he loses it next week due to the way this was booked.

  7. ReallyPeteGas says:

    It’s funny because this is exactly what happened with me.

  8. TheDude says:

    watched this with a couple friends, and had fun mocking tna. i liked tna before hogan came in and turned it into wcw the dying years. its been getting worse and worse, and now Sabins 2 moves of doom title victory, just cemented tna as a bush league operation. x division is all that company has going for it at this point. changes are in order.

    • Fx2T says:

      Based on your comment, you haven’t REALLY been watching. Watching words on the screen as you READ about what people say is happening (mostly criticisms), or watching randomly for the express purpose of criticizing it, isn’t really watching it.

      Changes HAVE been occurring for years, but it’s kind of hard to see that under the aforementioned conditions.

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