Headlies: Lex Luger Still Mostly Unliked

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Despite recovering from a spinal stroke that left him temporarily paralyzed, working tirelessly for multiple charities and giving his time & advice to young wrestlers through WWE’s Wellness Policy Program, most fans still think of Lex Luger in far from favorable terms. Be it the steroids he injected or alleged mistreatment he gave Miss Elizabeth during their brief, tumultuous relationship, many can’t forgive him no matter what he does or how much he now looks like David Lee Roth.

WCNewz recently caught up with the “Total Package” after he’d given an impassioned, insightful speech to a group of at-risk youths in a rough neighborhood church in downtown Detroit.

Our reporter commended Luger on his amazing, humbling transformation, but then could not help stating that he suspected a seething, arrogant, pompous character still lurks just beneath his agreeable surface.

Luger shook his head sadly, and responded: “I still get that a lot.”

At press time, Mr. Luger was busy fixing the brakes on a wheelchair for a disabled veteran, who eyed him suspiciously.

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15 Responses to "Headlies: Lex Luger Still Mostly Unliked"
  1. Ouch… That’s kind of mean. Poor guy.

  2. but deep down, you know you feel that way about him, too paul;)
    Also, Ha! David Lee Roth, that line wasn’t mine.

  3. VDM says:

    Why is this a Headlie? It’s sad but true.

    • Oh, I think that if anyone had any heat with him, they’ve forgiven him by now considering what’s happened to him. You’d have to be pretty petty and mean-spirited to still hate the guy at this point, years and years after he retired and became so sick.

  4. It really wasn’t meant as a dig; like everything on Wrestlecrap it’s meant in fun. I got the idea when I saw a repeat of Hardcore Pawn and Luger came in trying to sell off one of his robes to give $ to charity. The idea of who he is today and who he used to be (or come across as) is so contrasting.

  5. RD Reynolds says:

    It’s horrible, but I cannot stop laughing at the final line of this.

  6. RD Reynolds says:

    And I think this is in good fun, because a lot of folks no doubt feel that way. “Funny because it’s true” kinda thing.

  7. Thanks for the compliment, RD:) I was proud of that little line when I wrote it, lol.
    Out of all my Headlies in queue, I’m most-looking forward to the Marty Jannetty one (2nd page, hint-hint).

  8. Raven7309 says:

    Wow. And I thought Bret Hart had been down a rough road with everything that had happened to him.

  9. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    I recently saw a fantasy tournament to determine the greatest wrestler of all time, decided by reader’s votes. Lex Luger was knocked out in the first round with a whopping vote of ZERO PERCENT.

  10. Jacob says:

    Oh… this is in very bad taste. I can’t find it funny like your other stuff.

  11. Drov says:

    Wasn’t Luger the guy who fixed Bret Harts bike brakes back in 2002?

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