Headlies: King Kong Bundy Finally Admits to Killing Midget at WM3

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King Kong Bundy has finally ended over 25 years of speculation in an exclusive WCNewz interview, stating emphatically that he is responsible for killing midget-wrestler Little Beaver via bodyslam, followed by a “big elbow” in 1987.

Bundy (known as a “walking condominium”) told our reporter:

“Yeah. He died of emphysema in 1995. ‘Cause I squished the air right out of those tiny lungs in ’87 and he never recovered,” the remorseless Bundy said.

“It just took a while. Just like it takes a while for the ref to count to 5!” Bundy added with a chuckle.

WCNewz reached out to “Hillbilly” Jim for a comment, who also took part in the mixed-tag WrestleMania 3 event.

“That dag gum Bundy better be carful a-whut he says or I’m a-gonna sick Granny & my houn’ dog on ‘em,” the country boy responded between belches and slugs of moonshine.

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3 Responses to "Headlies: King Kong Bundy Finally Admits to Killing Midget at WM3"
  1. Alan says:

    King Kong Bundy is one of my all time favorite heels. I enjoyed when he “bruised” Hulk Hogan’s ribs on the March 1, 1986 Saturday Night’s Main Event. Also dug his annihilation of SD Jones at WM1.

  2. Thomas Moffatt says:

    NOTE TO WWE: PLEASE book Mrk Henry v Hornsoggle at WM 29 just so we can see the second coming of Cheatum get squashed beyond recognition

  3. Garett Phalen says:

    “Know as the Walking Condominium” Nope was always refered to as “The Hardon With Ears” by fans and fellow wrestlers i knew..

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